Pruitt might be gone, but the work of reining in the out of control EPA must continue

By Natalia Castro From his nomination to his resignation, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was under constant attack by the left. Whether you believe the countless accusation the left threw at the Administrator or not, one thing is clear: just because Pruitt is […]


Jeff Sessions is turning the Justice Dept. around

By Printus LeBlanc While everyone is wondering what was said and what was not said, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is quietly restoring the rule of law and eliminating the progressive leftist funding mechanisms installed by the Obama administration. It is time to recognize the excellent […]


Trump economy set to roar in 2018

By Robert Romano When it comes to the economy, observers are often loath to make predictions. After all, it is not a hard science, where a hypothesis is formulated, and observations are made to prove or disprove the hypothesis. What will U.S. economic growth be in 2018? […]


President Trump is dismantling the intrusive regulatory state

By Natalia Castro Little by little, President Trump has made the lives of people across the country less difficult by curtailing the intrusiveness of the federal government. Trump has instituted regulatory reform, unlike anything we have seen in past administrations in order to restore freedoms […]


President Trump’s restoring Article 1 of the Constitution

By Natalia Castro The left enjoys painting President Trump as a ruthless totalitarian, but when looking at his track record so far in office, it is clear he is anything but. For years, the executive branch has expanded their power into all areas of government, […]


EPA ends sue and settle agency power grabs under Trump, Pruitt

By Natalia Castro The Environmental Protection Agency has weaponized the rule of law in order to expand its own power for years. Now under the Trump Administration, EPA Director Scott Pruitt is working to reverse this trend and make it harder for his department to […]


After Paris, Trump and Congress must still act to put American economy first

By Natalia Castro and Robert Romano Somebody should tell liberals having a collectivist heart attack over President Donald Trump withdrawing the U.S from the Paris Climate Accord that it was largely non-binding — nowhere does the agreement outline specific, mandatory targets for reducing climate emissions. This makes Trump’s removal from it […]


The war on coal is over with Pruitt in at EPA, sets stage for 2018 Senate elections

By Natalia Castro Scott Pruitt is on the road to a successful nomination. Thursday the Senate pushed Pruitt one step closer to his position as Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, putting Pruitt in the right place to end the disastrous war on coal that […]


Scott Pruitt will bring EPA regulatory war on coal to heel under the Trump administration

By Natalia Castro Americans for Limited Government announced just a week after the election that job one of the Trump administration must be to dismantle the EPA regulations which are crippling our economy; less than a month after he became President-elect, and Donald Trump has […]


The states are where the game is at

By Rick Manning Republicans will control both statehouses in 32 out of 50 states when state legislatures meet in 2017, and this does not include Nebraska which is unicameral and state candidates run as non-partisan. Of these 33 states, 25 have a Republican Governor, and in North […]

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