Biden’s America: Lowered Expectations

We are living in Biden’s America, and in it, nothing works as expected. And I refuse to lower my expectations. By Catherine Mortensen I recently dropped into a national chain’s diagnostic lab near my office in Northern Virginia for some routine lab work. (As a Type I […]


Washington Post: Black and other minority voters lose faith in Biden’s ability to deliver on campaign promises

“Frustration is at an all-time high, and Biden can’t go to Georgia or any other Black state in the South and say, ‘This is what we delivered in 2021.’ ” By Catherine Mortensen Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at historic lows, but it’s not just conservatives and independents […]


Manning in Townhall: WaPo Fact-Checker Kessler Strikes Out with His False Health Care Analysis

Kessler is using his failed fact checking to evaluate an objectively true statement from an ad opposing Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous attempt to take over the pricing of medicines. The truth is clear, under HR 3, Sue from Ohio won’t be able to get her medicine […]


Washington Post Now Believes Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory ‘Suddenly Credible’

The Post ignored evidence when the reporters and editors didn’t like the messenger and it didn’t fit their narrative. By Catherine Mortensen After more than a year of ignoring what is perhaps the biggest story of the century, the source of the deadly Covid-19 virus, the Washington […]


Washington Post Ends Presidential Fact Checking Database on the Eve of Biden’s Faux State of the Union Address

Apparently, the Post doesn’t care that Biden is the most notorious liar in American presidential history. By Catherine Mortensen Tonight, Joe Biden will address a joint session of Congress in a faux State of the Union Address. I fully expect he will speak into a mostly empty […]

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