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The Union Payoff Begins

  • On: 01/30/2009 10:22:01
  • In: Big Labor
  • By Robert Romano

    The AP is reporting that the Great Union Payoff has begun, with President Barack Obama set to repeal 4 Bush Administration executive orders that protected workers’ rights:

    “President Barack Obama intends to overturn four Bush-era executive orders that unions opposed, a labor official said Thursday… Obama planned to reverse one order Friday that allowed unionized companies to post signs informing workers that they were allowed to decertify their union, an order some claim is unfair because nonunion businesses are not required to post signs letting workers know they were legally allowed to vote for a union… The official also said the other three orders address similar administrative rules for labor groups.”

    Although seemingly innocuous, that’s only because this is just the beginning. As ALG News previously reported, the House has already passed the so-called “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,” a bill that “removes the statute of limitations from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act barring wage discrimination. In real life, what that does is give everyone a chance to make a killing in the coming wage discrimination lawsuit lottery, regardless of where, when, or why the alleged slight took place.”

    But the payout doesn’t stop there. The unions want to get rid of the secret ballot for union organization elections. And they have the gall to call it the “Employee Free Choice Act,” as if a secret ballot robs a worker of the right to choose.

    And that is to say nothing of the SEIU and the teachers unions, that are getting huge payoffs in the $819 billion “stimulus” package in the form of grants to the state and county governments.

    And the over $40 billion in infrastructure and transportation spending in the “stimulus” bill too are kickbacks to the construction unions.

    All this in just the first eleven days of the Great Union Payoff… strike that, of the Obama Administration.

    Robert Romano is the Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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