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Six Degrees of Separation to Stop the Stimulus

  • On: 02/04/2009 09:40:30
  • In: Economy
  • By Robert Romano

    It is said that a person only needs six people in between in order to connect to any other person, anywhere on the planet. The notion is called “Six Degrees of Separation,” popularized by John Guare’s play, although the mathematical theories of Milgram, Kochen, and Karinthy provide the substantive basis for the idea.

    The idea has been applied to other small world theories, computer networks, and the like.

    And it is no less applied to grassroots activists who will play vital role in determining the outcome of the trillion dollar spending bill—incorrectly dubbed the “stimulus”—through coordination from sea to shining sea.

    Many activists are already taking to the phones, calling their respective Senators in Washington, urging them to reject the “stimulus.” But that is not enough. There is more that can be done, and those activists are working on Senators outside of their home states. Many have even put their “whip” caps on, visiting ALG’s own site to report on their experiences phoning in to Senate offices to find out where each and every Senator stands on the bill that will explode the deficit—already projected by the CBO to be $1.2 trillion for 2009 and could rise to as much as $2 trillion, even without the so-called “stimulus.”

    This is an important project, and Americans for Limited government is still urging activists nationwide to simply find out where each and every Senator stands on this legislation.

    But activists need to be careful. Top aides to Senate Republican leadership report to ALG News that out-of-state calls to Senate offices can have a contrary effect on legislative outcomes. That is to say, for example, that a Senator in North Dakota may be less than persuaded by an activist calling from New York to vote for or against anything.

    However, there is a solution. If the theory behind “six degrees of separation” is correct, on a first hand basis, these same activists probably know people in several states. They can be of assistance in saving the next generation from being saddled with more than $11 trillion of sovereign debt that will lead to higher taxes, higher interest rates, and inflation.

    Those eager to make a nationwide impact in defeating the “stimulus” can do so by enlisting friends and family in other states to call their respective senators’ offices. And they, too, can “pass it on” and tell their friends and family in other states, etc.

    Soon, Senators in every single state will have been called by residents of each respective state. And those Senators will quickly realize that the American people nationwide can and will rise up in unified opposition to the bankrupting of their nation.

    Already, activists are making their voices heard, and making a difference: The Senate is already turning against many of the measures in the legislation. Just yesterday, an amendment to H.R. 1 sponsored by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) “strike the $246 million tax earmark for Hollywood production companies” passed 52-45.

    This was an important test vote, and alerts activists nationwide that there is blood in the water. This bill can be defeated. And with their help, it will be.

    One thing is for certain: Now is the time for action. And through six degrees of separation grassroots activists can make all the difference in the world to let friends, family, neighbors, and thus the nation entire know that the “stimulus” will not stand.

    Robert Romano is the Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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