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Editorial: The Leaderless Revolution

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  • A revolution is taking place in America. It’s as intangible as the whispering wind. Yet as ineluctable as mounting gale. To the politicians, it’s still but a passing breeze rustling the hair at the nape of the neck. To the grassroots masses, it’s rushing torrent destined to sweep the elite from the Halls of Power.

    America is at the very incipience of a Leaderless Revolution. One could see it at the hometown Tea Parties disclaimed by politicians as ragtag assemblies and disdained by Barack Obama who speciously claimed not to have even known they even occurred. One can sense it in the polls, as one after another shows plunging support for this president and his policies.

    And one can hear it loud and clear in the angry outpourings at “Town Hall” meetings where sputtering politicians are driven from the podiums and forced to seek shelter behind a phalanx of guards.

    In New Hampshire, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter tried to defend the snails’ pace of socialized medicine with the absurd claim, “Many of my constituents would love to stand in line.” Maryland’s Sen. Ben Cardin, when pressed by his constituents on why they should be forced to turn over their health care to government bureaucrats, yammered that Americans simply can’t be trusted. (And he has now made his town meetings “by invitation only.”)

    In Syracuse, NY, Rep. Dan Maffei had to call in the police to restore order at his health care town hall after angry protestors shouted him down. And Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY1), experiencing his own problems with outraged attendees decided just to cancel town hall meetings altogether.

    Ellen Sauerbrey – the courageous lady who many feel won the governorship of Maryland in 1994, only to have it snatched away by a post-election recount – recently wrote: “I have never seen people so upset and scared. The rebellion today is a true grassroots uprising of citizens that don’t believe either party in Washington represents them, hears them or cares what they think. More and more I hear, ‘A plague on both their houses. Throw all the bums out’.”

    What the politicians need to learn is that insulting their constituents’ intelligence, denouncing them as slackers, having them arrested, or trying to act as if they simply don’t exist is not going to solve the problem of a grassroots rebellion on the ascent. Nor will trying to single out some contrived opponent to belittle and besmirch, as Barack Obama did Rush Limbaugh.

    The real problem the politicians face is that there is no opposition leader. In fact, there are no leaders at all. The hallmark of the grassroots uprising now befuddling and deflating the Washington political elite (and their mainstream media factotums) is that they are flying in the face of a Leaderless Revolution soundlessly inundating the very air they breathe.

    It is amorphous. It is dauntless. It is unyielding. And it needs no person or party to state its case or fight its cause.

    Carried in a purse, a brief case, or a backpack; wielded in the palm of the purveyor’s hand; as easy as aps; and summed up in 140 characters or less; this is the Leaderless Revolution that Bill Gates predicted was coming at the “Speed of Thought” on the wireless wings of the wind.

    Unfortunately for the Washington establishment, in America today – just as in Iran, Honduras, and Moldavia — the thought has now become an action. The words have become deeds. They have begun to sew the wind. And the tone-deaf political elitists are about to reap the whirlwind.

    ALG Editor’s Note: Americans for Limited Government is spearheading opposition to the health care bill in the Nation’s Capitol and coordinating closely with scores of groups throughout the country. Should you wish additional information about these efforts, go to GetLiberty.org, or contact Robert Romano at robert@getliberty.org.

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