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The Wire: InqWIREing Minds Want to Know …

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  • InqWIREing Minds Want to Know …

    Most outside political observers think that the fix was in for the NY 23 Dems on the Saturday before the election when Dede Scozzafava dropped out and threw her support to Bill Owens. Turns out, it’s even worse.

    Last Friday, in Albany, the just-elected Dems and their Big Labor puppet handlers held a breakfast to divvy up the spoils of their victory. As the breakfast wound down, the regional rep for the SEIU stood up to thank NY Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver for alerting them the Thursday before the election that Dede was going to stop her campaign the following Saturday and then endorse Owens. He appreciated the fact that the heads-up allowed the union bosses to immediately organize bus trips with union “volunteers” into the district, organize phone banks, and put on a large-scale union drive to get votes for Owens.

    So now, inqWIREing minds want to know: who tipped off Shelly Silver? Why would Dede wait for two days other than to give the unions time to organize? And, most importantly, what list were all those SEIU “vols” calling? Could it possibly have been the list of identified supporters of DeDe that that NRCC had spent Republican money to develop?

    The NY-23 situation just keeps getting dirtier by the minute — and all to give Pelosi the margin for her power grab.

    Taxpayers 1 – Big Government 0

    While the Left slept flush in the afterglow of its House health care victory (of sorts), way out West a Tucson Superior Court issued a ruling that could have a far greater impact.

    The ruling upheld Arizona’s Proposition 207, which requires governments to compensate property owners if they pass laws or regulations that drive down property values. For example, if a government sticks a Section 8 slum in a middle-class residential area and destroys the resell value of local homes, the government could have to cough up the difference.

    The case involved a Tucson builder who replaced run-down properties in the downtown area with new housing that met or exceeded zoning requirements. In 2007 the city – ever vigilant in its zeal to reward tax-slacking ne’er-do-wells — enacted an anti-demolition ordinance subjecting property owners to a labyrinth of rules limited property use and instantly reducing property values for thousands of home and small business owners.
    The presiding judge, Hon. Paul Tang, wrote in his decision, “The Court believes that the public’s interest in laws requiring compensation for partial regulatory takings is significant and arguably compelling.”

    Score that one: Middle-class taxpayers 1 – Big Government 0.

    A Noble Life and Glorious Death

    There is mourning today in Tiananmen Square. Rumor has it that the Red Flag is flying at half mast. And the Chairman has rolled over in his mausoleum.

    Anita Nunn – a modern-day Lui Hulan if there ever was one – has been forced to step aside as Barack Obama’s Minister of Propaganda (no, wait, make that “Director of Communications”). And as Chairman Mao, in his own hand (we are told) wrote of the original Daughter of the Revolution, Lui, so we, too commend Comrade Anita on, “a noble life and a glorious death.”

    Ms. Nunn, most will recall, first came to the public’s attention when she sicced her Flying Monkeys on the Drudge Report. Not satisfied with the disastrous results of that unhappy landing, she next turned her ample ire on Fox News. The result: Anita Nunn undone and Fox lives on.

    At the outset of her ill-advised assault on the First Amendment and all things dissident, questions arose as to what would prompt such capricious behavior. Then, Little Lui, herself, solved the riddle. “My two favorite philosophers,” she disgorged, “are Mao Tse-Tung and Mother Teresa.”

    Ignoring the Cybil-like quality of such schizoid dissonance, one is left to wonder what it was, in particular, that drew her to the Chairman. And then, we recall Mao’s own immortal words from the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work in March of 1957: “All erroneous ideas, all poisonous weeds, all ghosts and monsters, must be subjected to criticism; in no circumstance should they be allowed to spread unchecked.”

    With inspiring rhetoric like that, it’s just hard to believe that Anita Lui let the Running Dogs of Capitalism drive her from her exulted and esteemed position. Oh well, Power to the People.

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