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The Wire: The Dede Drop and the Gingrich Two-Step

  • On: 11/02/2009 09:45:16
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  • The Dede Drop and the Gingrich Two-Step

    Just as many astute political observers had predicted by COB this past Wednesday (when the latest insider polls had become definitive) Dede Scozzafava gracelessly dropped like a rock out of the NY 23 race early Saturday morning.

    And Newt Gingrich then did the predictable thing by quickly switching his support to what his finger in the wind told him was the winning side. Bad for Dede. Worse for Newt.

    Newt then had the audacity Sunday morning to go on Fox News to accuse the Nancy Pelosi Democrats of being “socialist” – not once, but thrice. Too bad nobody bothered to ask him to explain in detail, issue by issue, exactly how his girl Dede differs from Nancy on important policies like spreading (or, more precisely, shredding) the wealth, global warming, and selling out to the unions bosses.

    Now, astute political observers are making two additional predictions: Hoffman carrying NY 23 in a walk — and Newt carrying Sarah’s purse if he ever hopes to regain his conservative credentials.

    Crist, Cato, and Politics as Usual

    In his increasingly desperate efforts to prove he’s really not a RINO (Republican in Name Only), Florida Governor Charlie Crist recently released a Cato study trumpeting his grade “A” on the Institute’s Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors.”

    Only one problem: the troubled senatorial candidate conveniently forgot to mention that the study came out well before he approved a massive $2.2 billion tax increase for the state’s fiscal 2010 budget.

    And he also neglected to mention that his tax hike came despite his promise that the $12 billion federal stimulus money his best new huggy-buddy Barak Obama shelled out to Florida polls would mean no new taxes whatsoever.

    Unfortunately for Crist – and fortunately for his conservative primary opponent Mark Rubio – Cato mentioned both inconvenient truths.

    Commented ALG President Bill Wilson: “Crist’s deliberate duplicity is the symbol of everything that’s wrong with today’s politicians in general – and the GOP in particular. They put political sleight of hand before personal integrity. Crist needs to man up, admit he’s become a liberal, and run on his real record.”

    And One Remaining Question …

    Michael Steele has now run lickety-split to the head of the parade to claim credit for the Hoffman miracle. Keep in mind, this is the same Meandering Mike who:

    • Ridiculed the Tea Parties until it became obvious even to the town idiots (aka: MSNBC) that the movement was sweeping the nation – and then ran from pillar to post begging to be on the program.
    • Sent out fundraising letters attacking ACORN’s “leftist activists” as part of a “radical group” – and then was caught on tape applauding ACORN president Bertha Lewis for doing a “phenomenal job” in order to curry favor with a college audience.
    • Spent an astounding $1.4 million dollars to build a new RNC website highlighted by himself dancing across the screen – which, as it turned out, was one of the only features on the site that worked right from day one.

    Factor in the nearly $100,000 he funneled to prop up the moribund Scozzafava campaign, and it’s fair to ask: Will this silly side show continue to fool the leaders of the Party into letting Steele continue to stumble from one disaster to the next – or is it time to get out the hook?

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