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A Tale of Two Stories

  • On: 12/21/2009 10:24:48
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • By Carter Clews

    Sometimes, to paraphrase British statesman Edmund Burke, all that is necessary for triumph of good is for the iniquitous to open their mouths and spill the beans. The juxtaposition of the stories below – from either side of The Pond – shows what happens when two Fellow Travelers join hands to knowingly perpetrate a proven fraud.

    Venezuela’s Chavez Blasts ‘Terrible Ghost’ of Capitalism in Wild Copenhagen Speech

    Hugo Chavez’s prime-time climate speech began with a lie and ended with a bang, as assembled world leaders cheered on the socialist strongman during a rousing attack on all things capitalist at the Copenhagen climate conference.

    The Venezuela president used the international forum Wednesday to slime developed nations for creating an “imperial dictatorship” that rules the world, urging his audience to “fight against capitalism,” the “silent and terrible ghost” that was haunting the elegant conference chambers in the Danish capital.

    Copenhagen climate summit: President Barack Obama says world leaders must accept deal

    The US President Barack Obama has told world leaders that they must accept a climate change deal, even if it is imperfect, or risk opening dangerous splits in the fight against global warming.

    And so goes the Confederacy of Dunces.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News.

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