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The Daily Wrap-Up: June 23

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Wednesday Afternoon –

The commission to stop offshore drilling. “The Obama administration never ceases to amaze when it comes to employing stealth tactics to enforce their agenda on the American people. The latest tactic they are employing is stacking a seven member commission that is tasked with determining the causes of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and steps that can be taken to improve drilling safety.” Keep reading.

Judge overruling Obama drilling ban said to have conflict of interest. But what about green influence? From NRD contributing editor, “When judges advance  liberal goals by way of making an end-run around the democratically elected branches of government, they are celebrated in the media. But when they stand in the way of presidential directives that do the bidding of environmental groups, they need to be taken down.”

Congressman Steve Kagan fails to disclose his biggest donor’s connections to BP while sponsoring legislation that lines the donors pockets… How incestuous D.C. is.

Oppose confirmation of serial killer apologist Robert Chatigny to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. The video in this story shows why Chatigny should not be promoted.

Obama relieves General Stan McChrystal from command, replaces him with General Petraeus.

Pelosi asks for donations to help fend off potential investigations… From The Hill, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asking supporters for contributions to help prevent the “subpoenas and investigations” that would result from a GOP majority.”

Vote looms on DISCLOSE Act. From the Daily Caller, “House Democratic leadership is aiming to pass its campaign spending bill on Thursday, while Democrats are defending it from criticism that it includes loopholes for special interests.”

GOP rebels could shake up Senate. From Jonathan Martin, “Tuesday’s nomination of Mike Lee for the Senate by Utah Republicans served up yet another reminder about what this tumultuous and unpredictable election year might mean for next year’s Congress: The decorous and staid U.S. Senate could get a lot rowdier in 2011.”

Facing health insurance premium hikes, Obama administration eyes price controls. From Jonathan Strong, “In a shot across the bow to the insurance industry Tuesday, President Obama warned companies facing higher costs in part because of his health care law not to hike their prices, saying ‘we’ll be watching closely.'”

Ed Morrissey: TARP supporters having bad year in primaries.

Tony Blair to become next chairman of BP?

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