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The Daily Wrap-Up: June 7

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Monday Afternoon –

Economist Art Laffer predicts that the economy will be in full double-dip recession in 2011–and it will be severe. He credits this to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. He makes a pretty interesting case that can be read here.

How many Democrats did Obama convince not to run in primaries? Robert Romano writes at NetRightDaily.com, “if no laws were broken and the job offers are perfectly legitimate, why take such pains to dissociate Obama’s direct involvement? Why the initial denials in both the Sestak and Romanoff cases by the White House? Why has the Justice Department thus far refused to appoint a special counsel, as requested by Representative Darrell Issa, and by Senate Republicans?” Also read, Romanoff and Sestak vs. the White House.

26.4% of American youth are unemployed. Check out student reactions to this. In addition to high unemployment, American youth now face new Department of Labor regulations that want to force unpaid internships to become a thing of the past.

Politico: Pols turn on labor… “Spurred by state budget crunches and an angry public mood, Republican and some Democratic leaders are focusing with increasing intensity on public workers and the unions that represent them, casting them as overpaid obstacles to good government and demanding cuts in their often-generous benefits.” Keep reading. Oh, and the MSM/Big Labor revolving door.

Governor Chris Christie: Not About Teachers. Chris Cristie deserves the praise of every American.

Go figure – Democrats skip townhalls to avoid voter rage.

Helen Thomas announces she will retire on the heels of comments she made last week about Israel and Palestine. As @thejoelstein tweeted: “Helen Thomas retires…. from what? Sitting through White House press conferences? Has anyone ever read a Helen Thomas story?”

Glenn Reynolds: Higher education’s bubble is about to burst. “The buyers think what they’re buying will appreciate in value, making them rich in the future. The product grows more and more elaborate, and more and more expensive, but the expense is offset by cheap credit provided by sellers eager to encourage buyers to buy.” Keep reading.

Video: Bill Clinton vs… the Unions?

Matt Welch: The ‘Costs’ of Free Speech. “The good news is that the Roberts Court so far is shaping up as a strong defender of the First Amendment. The bad news? Just before this issue went to press, Obama announced as his next Supreme Court appointment the same person who proposed that outrageous “categorical balancing” test for free speech: Elena Kagan. Here’s hoping some vigorous political speech influences the selection process.”

BP Oil Spill: Who’s your daddy?

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