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Rep. Scalise Proposes Legislation Eliminating the Czars

By Robert Romano

An important alert from Brett Horton, legislative counsel to Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise:

Attached are articles from Roll Call and The Hill on Rep. Scalise’s “Sunset All Czars” Act, H.R. 59, which was offered at the start of the 112th Congress.  He has offered an amendment to the CR, Amendment 204 (attached), which eliminates by title the following czars:
1.            the “Health Reform” Czar;
2.            the “Climate” Czar;
3.            the “Climate Change” Czar;
4.            the “Green Jobs” Czar;
5.            the “Car” Czar;
6.            the “Urban Affairs” Czar;
7.            the “Guantanamo Bay Closure” Czar;
8.            the “Pay” Czar; and
9.            the “Diversity” Czar.

While several of these positions do not have a published salary, six of them do, with the average being $173,316.  This amendment also prohibits appropriations from being used for the salaries and office expenses of the “czar’s” offices.

This is an opportunity for activists to let their Congressmen know how they feel about presidential “czars”! Call (202) 224-3121 to let your representative know to support Congressman Scalise’s amendment and to cosponsor HR 59.

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government.

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