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The continuing embarrassment that is Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth WarrenBy Rick Manning — Harvard University has the renowned Kennedy School of Government, which offers programs to train political professionals from around the world.

Perhaps, Harvard Law professor and candidate for the U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren might want to have a pow-wow with her colleagues before continuing on with her incredible ancestral campaign claims.

Warren, who has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have zero native American blood, now is doubling down and not only clinging to the claim but magnifying it by saying that she would be the first native American U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Really?  That would be true if she were actually native American, but her splitting of hairs is much like saying she would be the first non-Kennedy Democrat elected to that Massachusetts Senate seat in almost sixty five years.  A true statement, but hardly relevant.

The relevant question is why Warren is unable to gracefully let go of her fallacious native American claim?  History is replete with native American heroes without manufactured claims.

But I guess when you have affirmative action in your blood and have relied upon it to be hired throughout your life, giving up your claim to entitlement is akin to giving up your very worth.

The real tragedy is when faux minorities like Warren raise their ugly heads, it diminishes the accomplishments and heritage of those who have actually achieved great heights through their own efforts, strength and will power.

People like Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, an actual native American, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, ending his elective service in 2005.  Beyond the political accomplishments, Campbell served his country in the United States Air Force and represented the U.S. in the 1964 Olympic Games as the captain of the Judo team.

Or, Vice President Charles Curtis, who was three-eighths native American, and became the Vice President in 1929 after serving as the Senate Majority Leader.  According to biographers, Vice President Curtis spent years of his childhood living with his maternal grandparents on the Kaw reservation.

While neither Campbell or Curtis are from Massachusetts, Warren’s attempt to use her debunked 1/32 native American ancestry to take the mantle of Massachusetts native American leadership is absurd on its face.

The sad truth is that when someone like Elizabeth Warren takes advantage of her created history, she, in some small way, diminishes all those who have actually lived that history.  People like Ira Hayes who fought on Iwo Jima and was immortalized as one of the Marines raising the American flag on the summit of Mt. Suribachi.   People like Billy Mills and Jim Thorpe, who won Olympic gold medals representing their country.  And yes, people like Vice President Curtis and Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell.

It is time for Warren to give up her mythological claim and stop making a joke out of herself, and a mockery out of those who have a legitimate claim to the ancestry for which she so desperately longs.

The fact that she continues this farce speaks volumes about her character.  When she could have graciously walked away with a sheepish explanation that she merely believed stories of her youth, Warren has chosen to dig in.

I’m sure her Kennedy School colleagues would advise her of the error of her ways if only she weren’t too stubborn to listen.

Rick Manning is the Communications Director of Americans for Limited Government.

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