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Raising Reds: Pictures of Camp Kinderland

Camp Kinderland 1920'shttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/1920s/images/1920s.jpg

By Robert Romano

Judge for yourself if a picture is worth a thousand words.

After Americans for Limited Government published a special report detailing the communist background of a summer camp in Mass. that Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner nominee Erica Groshen sent her children to, several prominent media outlets ranging from MSNBC to The Atlantic to Esquire to Gawker to Comedy Central went out of their way to downplay the Marxist origins of the Kinderland camp.

Are you going to believe the mainstream media, or decide for yourself?

You’ll want to sign this petition after you see these photos of the camp through the years, and for good measure read this New York Times piece, “The Little Red Summer Camp,” by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s granddaughter who attended the camp, extolling the leftist virtues that are still taught there.

For additional reading, you might also consider Paul C. Mishler’s “Raising Reds,” available on Amazon.com for $27, which according to the book’s description, details the history of how American Communist organizations, including Camp Kinderland, “established children’s organizations, after-school programs, and summer camps with the aim of developing ‘revolutionary consciousness’ in the minds of the younger generation. Mishler examines how radical parents’ ultimate social and political goals — and their sometimes contradictory desires as parents — were reflected in the education and upbringing of their children.”

Would you send your kids to this camp that Groshen did with such a history? The New York Times article from Rosenberg’s granddaughter says they actually locked kids up in their bunks and led them into communal gas chambers to emulate Holocaust extermination techniques, refused to accept packages sent by the children’s parents in solidarity with some truckers who were on strike and even considered lighting their lake on fire to protest the bombing of Hiroshima. Does this sound like a normal camp?

What does this say about Obama’s nominee, who claimed in an interview recently that “I have a very non-political, non-partisan background”?

Is that believable? Based on the camp’s background, only a dedicated leftist would send her kids to such a place. Groshen should at least have the opportunity to dispute such a conclusion when she is vetted by the Senate. But that will not happen unless she is asked the question.

Note, although many of these photos are not contemporary, since Kinderland’s own website still maintains that “Camp Kinderland is true to the vision of its founders,” and many of the photos are posted publicly on their website by its own alumni association, they are most certainly proud of their heritage. A fact that Erica Groshen is undoubtedly well aware of.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson offered this perspective, responding to the apoplectic reports of MSNBC, The Atlantic, and others: “Consider for a moment if a GOP nominee had a similar relationship with a fascist summer camp, one that sang fascist songs and directed youth into fascist prone ideology, the left would be going insane. But somehow a camp that celebrates a philosophy and system of government that murdered 20 million or more people is okay. This says more about these so called media outlets than it says about us or Groshen.”

Indeed. Why is what, by all appearances, has a long history of being a Marxist indoctrination camp getting a pass from the mainstream media?

Here follows some of the more obvious photos, including a statue of Lenin, a prominent “Vote Communist!” banner, and even red diaper babies.

Lenin Statue at Camp Kinderlandhttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/1930s/images/1931lenin.jpg

Vote Communist, Camp Kinderland http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/assetserver/controller/view/EXM-P-S-COM-US-1931-1933-004~1


Camp Kinderland Communistshttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/hopnobbing/fefferandsaltzman.htm

Camp Kinderland Communistshttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134756909062&set=a.134752449062.107285.545759062&type=3&theater

You just can’t make this stuff up. Nor should members of the U.S. Senate ignore Groshen’s radical ties. This should be vetted. Especially for a nomination whose background even Groshen concedes needs to be “very non-political, non-partisan”.

Is Groshen telling the truth about her own background? If due diligence is not performed with this nomination, with radical associations this obvious, the Senate will be nothing more than a rubber stamp assisting Obama’s crusade to transform America.

It is high time for the Senate to do its job and examine Obama’s radical nominees, even if it is controversial.

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government.

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