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A record of ineptitude

Senator Bob CaseyBy Rick Manning — Is it time to send Bob Casey to the minors?

Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania has a unique record of ineptitude.  Sitting in the majority, where your legislation should just by accident find its way to the floor for consideration once in a while, Casey is zero for 324 in getting bills he has sponsored enacted into law.  Some on Capitol Hill have begun calling Casey the gravedigger, because every piece of legislation he introduces dies.

It is unclear whether it is ineptitude, being out of touch with the rest of Congress, or just plain laziness, but when it comes down to getting legislation passed it is clear that the once mighty Casey has not only struck out, but his weak swings in 324 failed attempts to pass legislation signal that it may be time to send him back to Lehigh Valley.  There is nothing wrong with being a Triple A ball player, but Pennsylvanian’s need to decide if they can afford to have a major hole in their two person Senate line up?

Rick Manning is the Communications Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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