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Americans for Limited Government offers to pay for Lizzie Warren’s continuing education fee for seminar “Defining what lawyers do and where they can do it”

Elizabeth WarrenBy Rick Manning — Neither a native American nor a licensed attorney, Lizzie Warren finds herself in more hot water over her charging a legal client $675 an hour for legal services in 2001.

Once again, the affirmative action Harvard Law Professor has been struck with revelations that she is not the person who she claims to be.

Breitbart.com cites blogger William Jacobson for his analysis that Warren maintained a thriving legal practice out of her Cambridge, Massachusetts office but has never been licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  $675 an hour seems like a pretty hefty fee for someone who is not even legally able to practice law, but apparently Lizzie needs a refresher on the do’s and don’ts of legal practice.

In this spirit, Americans for Limited Government is offering to pay for unlicensed Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren’s registration fee to the “Tom Spahn on Unauthorized Practice of Law and Multi-Disciplinary Practice” course offered with convenient after hours options .  The class would provide Warren with two Continuing Legal Education credits that given her self-promotion talents could easily be at least an MBA on her curriculum vitae.

With Warren’s history of taking advantage of every opportunity provided by her contrived background, the sky is the limit with a fawning press corps working on behalf of the faux Brahmin.

Rick Manning is the Communications Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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