07.02.2014 1

Onion-esque story alert: United Mine Workers union getting excited by border invasion

slaves_thumbBy Rick Manning

As America’s government grapples with what to do about an influx of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, one group is petition government on their behalf – the United Mine Workers of America labor union.

A Capitol Hill insider reports that UMWA Secretary Treasurer Cecil Roberts was heard telling Senator Joe Manchin (D-UMWA) that, “these newcomers should become immediate members of the union, and the government needs to start deducting their dues from money being spent on them.  After all, a minor is a miner, and the Union has to protect our closed shop.

When Manchin was overheard objecting to the member scheme, the union official was heard yelling, “I don’t give a #$*& how young they are, a minor is a miner, and if you’re a miner, you’re mine and you go into the mines.”

No word is available from the White House on whether these young illegal immigrants are being placed on buses to meet the needs of resource extraction companies for little people to fit in cramped spaces.

NOTE:  The June 30 Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn prevented unions from collecting dues payments from home disability caregivers through automatic deductions on their state benefits.  While the above fictional play on words is meant to entertain, based upon the SEIU’s willingness to get their friends in the Illinois state legislature to steal money from those who were doing the right thing and caring for their loved ones, it is certainly a conversation that might have occurred.

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