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Ted Cruz joins the establishment

By Rick Manning

cruz waving white flagEstablishment, globalist advocates published what will go down as the most disingenuous, deceitful, and outright dishonest promotional piece on behalf of the so-called fast track trade authority that could have been written. Authored by liberal GOP Congressman Paul Ryan and heretofore “conservative” Senator Ted Cruz, the op-ed in the Wall Street Journal is a compilation of talking points and slick dodges. It is textbook propaganda that would make the disinformation experts of the KGB blush.

The dynamic-duo start by asserting that the U.S. must “strengthen the country’s bargaining position” by giving Barack Obama trade authority, fast track powers. Really? The GOP Congress thinks it is vital to our national interest to expand the powers in Mr. Obama’s hands? And, what exactly “strengthens” our bargaining power? Is the only way to win a deal to convince foreign governments that the U.S. Congress will be limited in what it can say on the matter? Are we to tell the world that the people and their elected representatives will be sidelined so a “deal” can be done?

Next, Ryan and Cruz assert that the American worker has been placed at a terrible disadvantage to workers in the rest of the world and that we have to give Obama more power in order to address this serious problem. But, of course, nowhere is there a mention of the fact that a big part of that “disadvantage” is currency manipulation and other financial gimmicks — issues that are expressly kept out of the trade deal. I guess nobody told these gentlemen that the primary weapon being used against American workers and business is not going to be discussed. Had they been allowed to read and review the so-called deal they might have known that. But sadly, the Obama Administration has kept the “deal” under lock and key — virtually nobody has been allowed to view it.

But this is a minor matter compared to the bald-faced falsehoods that follow. The congressional odd couple assert that Congress will demand three things from Obama, three “requirements” that will protect the nation. In truth, all three are hollow shells; the tools of bait and switch that have been used to con America in the past. And what are three shells of the con-game?

First, it is asserted that there will be 150 “specific negotiating objectives.” Sounds good except these objectives are nothing more than suggestions. If Obama comes back with a treaty and none of these “objectives” are included, there is no effect. The treaty will still get the up or down vote. No amendments will be allowed to be offered. No two-thirds ratification vote in the Senate will occur. And, of course, at that point all the special interests having been fed their fill will demand passage. Are we to believe that Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cruz will vote against the treaty if the 150 “objectives” are not included? If that is the case, why do they not say so?

Second, it is asserted that the Administration would be required to “consult” with Congress over the course of final negotiations. This is the “kissing your sister” argument — no meaning and slightly discomforting.

Finally, it is claimed that giving Obama more power will enhance the power of Congress and thereby the American people. This is simply a lie. Under the authority Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cruz want to give the Administration, the powers given Congress under the Constitution are suspended. No amendments are allowed. U.S. law will be subjugated to a treaty that can be passed by a simple majority in the two houses. Hollywood and Wall Street will get what they want, and the American taxpayers will be given the bill. So, gentlemen, how are the American people protected by suspending the Constitution? Is this the 2016 GOP Platform — gather votes singing praises of the Constitution while moving to undercut and suspend it at will?

What is most troubling, however, is the disdain the advocates of this deal have for the American people. They babble on and on about abstract economic “benefits” when, in fact, trade is but a minor part of the matter. No less an authority than the Washington Post stated in an April 13 editorial that the treaty and fast track are “about geopolitics as well as economics.”

These treaties are, in fact, far more about “politics” than economics or trade. These treaties are world governance infrastructure; they are big steps away from the Constitution, national sovereignty, and independence. All the trade talk, all the blather about jobs and the confusing stream of questionable statistics are designed to cover the real thrust of these treaties: the expansion of international and globalist interests.

Why the GOP in Congress embrace the very process that would destroy it is a subject for another day, but it is enough to recognize that when they come to citizens begging for votes and donations claiming to defend the Constitution and our system of liberty that they are being duplicitous. Yet again, they treat the grassroots and the conservative base with contempt.

For Ryan to do this is expected, but Cruz’s shilling for this big lie may be the last straw for those who became known as Tea Party supporters. The irony is that if they give up hope that America can be restored because they no longer have a champion, who is going to vote for Ted Cruz?

The answer is no one.

The author is president of Americans for Limited Government.

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