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After Orlando, Congress just offers more cosmetic terror solutions

By Rick Manning

As originally published at http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/homeland-security/283846-after-orlando-congress-just-offers-more-cosmetic-terror

Once again our nation has been struck by a terror attack, and once again, President Obama and his allies are seeking to turn the nation’s eyes away from its cause.

Let’s dispel the myth that any level of gun control would have dissuaded the Orlando Muslim terrorist who cheered 9/11, but somehow kept slipping in and out of the watchful eye of the FBI, from walking into that nightclub and killing as many as he could. Any doubters of this point should remember back when they had their Facebook picture covered with a French flag after Muslim terrorists killed 139 people in Paris. France makes it extremely difficult to purchase a gun, yet Muslim terrorists committed jihad anyway.But facts be damned, Obama and his merry band of jihad enablers desperately seek to turn the nation’s attention away from the real problems.

Unfortunately, the GOP is not much better, as their apparent solution in the House of Representatives is to effectively endorse Obama’s failed anti-terrorism strategy through passage of the mislabeled Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act (CTRA). The CTRA will actually expand Obama’s failed “countering violent extremism” (CVE) program that is housed not in a counter-terrorism section of Homeland Security, but in its Office for Community Partnerships.

Neil Munro in Breitbart News reports:

Under the CVE strategy, Obama has blocked FBI investigators from examining the supposedly non-political and peaceful networks of mosques that actually nurture jihadi attitudes, while redirecting FBI attention to less dangerous non-Islamic groups, such as small-government militias.

Here is a news flash to the political leaders of both parties in Washington: You are failing to stop the rise of Islamic terrorism here in America. Continuing and expanding the same eyewash programs that actually have the effect of blinding our law enforcement agencies from even recognizing radicalization or investigating the very mosques that foment jihad is not just a dereliction of duty, but a betrayal of your oath of office.

Rather than passing legislation just to be able to say you did something, the GOP-controlled Congress should give the Obama administration’s purported anti-terror team and policies a full and thorough proctology exam.

They should slow the flow of immigration from regions where radical Islam dominates, as is allowed under the law, to ensure that complete background checks are completed before we inadvertently let any future jihadis intent upon bringing Sharia law to the United States into our country. And they should reinstate training for law enforcement and the military that reconnects the obvious dots between those who throw gays off of towers in the Middle East and those who walk into a gay nightclub slaughtering as many people as they can.

For those who arrogantly and wrongly say that engaging in commonsense steps to protect our nation from those who seek to destroy us, I wonder at what point did they come to the belief that national suicide was in our character and our inevitable destiny.

It is fair to have a debate about the role of Islam in domestic terrorism, and that is a debate that should occur. However, to ignore an examination of causes through false cosmetic solutions like gun control or funding Obama’s failed policy is the ultimate indictment of both political parties in Congress.

Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government.

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