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Time to fight the Establishment swarm, Mr. President

By Robert Romano

Like a swarm of locus devouring everything in its path, the establishment and their paid hitmen have been relentless in their attacks on President Trump.  A recent piece in Axios — the big corporation funded “mainstream” aggregation website hoping to counter Drudge and other more responsible journalists — boldly asserts, “Trump vs Everyone.”  What is so telling is how they define “everyone.”

For the propagandists of the corporate elite, everyone happens to include:

  • Big corporate CEOs;
  • Totalitarian, collectivist world leaders who continue to loot America and tell us what a privilege it is to us for them to do it;
  • The GOP establishment, the very people who opposed the President up to and including Election Day and have now only marginally trimmed their sails for convenience;
  • And finally, of course, big media and the traitors of the deep state running their Star Chamber proceedings against anything “Trump.”

Doesn’t seem to me that the President has lost anything here.  These are the same forces that have been debasing the Constitution, robbing American taxpayers, shipping millions of jobs overseas, putting American sons and daughters in harm’s way to further their globalist dreams of world domination, and the same quisling cowards who accept media invitations as payment for their treachery and think they have gotten something.

At least Judas got hard currency.

The truly funny thing about the Axios attack piece was this admission, “The only people truly on his side (The President’s) are the 40 percent of the voters who continue to cheer his middle finger to the powerful.” Oh, those people.  They cannot possibly count for anything.  And, 40 percent is frankly a day dream. The percentage of the public who have come to detest the establishment is far greater than 40 percent. Some may be deluded into opposing Trump because of the torrent of propaganda that spews out every day. But whether they are Trump advocates or not, the outright disgust and vehement opposition to the established order is much greater than 40, 50 or even 60 percent.

So, for those “elected Republicans” who dream of President Mike Pence, remember, even the slugs at Axios put the pro-Trump figure at 40 percent. I can assure you most of that number is inside the hollow shell called the Republican Party, and they will remember your treachery. As testament to this, Martin Armstrong reports in Statista, that two of the most disliked U.S. Senators are John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) — establishment trolls who have become the favorites of the talking heads in the corporate media for attacking the President.

The swarm will continue. There is no way to stop them. The choice is stark and simple — surrender and beg for mercy or fight; fight until the very end. Give no quarter. No prisoners. That is the way the corporate media and their masters are fighting.

So far, the President has not surrendered or backed up an inch. But being advised by many in the world of RNC, Inc., he has yet to decide to truly fight back. The sincere prayer of the 40 percent of the unwashed — and countless others around the world who heard the sterling call to greatness in the Warsaw speech — is that he drops the pretense and starts to fight. Simple actions he can take that will redefine the battle include:

  • Firing all disloyal RNC alums in the White House and replace them with patriots. This especially includes White House Personnel who has done the absolute worst job possible for Trump — although there is a question if that was the real “job” they were given by their RNC overlords.
  • Instruct the Attorney General to retain a second Special Prosecutor to investigate any potential illegal actions by Susan Rice, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and any other Obama regime official who may have engaged in illegal activity. This, of course, would include Lois Lerner, Valerie Jarret and Eric Holder.
  • Deny White House press credentials to any corporate media outlet. Yes, non-profit outlets include some hard left journals. But better to have Mother Jones in the press briefing than NBC, the single most vile and biased outlet in America.
  • Demand the immediate termination of all Obama holdovers. Do not let them leave their offices with a single piece of paper, have them escorted out under armed guard.  If the spots stay open for a month or two until Mitch McConnell comes to the realization that the antiquated Senate rules have to be pushed aside in order to move nominees through, so be it
  • And finally, launch a full counter-attack against the institutions that comprise the established order — Big Academia, Big Media, Big Entertainment and the globalist panoply of organizations that comprise the constricting web, that nation-killing band of internationalist bureaucrats who live off U.S. tax dollars while doing all they can to harm us and our sovereignty.

They have gone after your family, Mr. President. They openly disdain and condemn the base of hardworking Americans who support you. They are relentless in their efforts to bring you down.  There is no compromise. There is no room for negotiations. There is only fight or die. Join the fight, Mr. President. There are millions of us ready to follow your lead to vanquish the establishment swarm.

Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy of Americans for Limited Government.

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