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Raul Labrador has earned your vote to be Governor of Idaho

By Rick Manning

Raul Labrador will make a great Governor of Idaho.

I know because I have watched him represent Idaho in Congress. I have seen Raul Labrador stand firm against national GOP leaders and fight for conservative principles when every political benefit said stop fighting.

I know because when many in the Republican Party turned tail and ran away from Donald Trump before the election, Labrador stood with Trump.

But when the President was wrong, like in the first ill-fated health care change which in fact left Obamacare virtually intact, Raul Labrador said no, and a better, albeit still imperfect bill passed the House as a result.

When the budget destroying omnibus spending bill which will be responsible for a return to a trillion dollar a year deficit was debated, Labrador fought for common sense and basic fiscal responsibility, and when Democrats insisted that only a budget buster would pass, Labrador said, not with my vote, and opposed it.

When heat came down for his consistent fight for limited government, Labrador drew praise from former House Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz who said in reference to Labrador, “… we have wonderful people that have a spine that are going to fight ….”

And that is what anyone who has gotten to know Raul Labrador in DC has come to learn. He is a conservative man with a spine. An almost extinct species in Washington, D.C., a conservative politician with a backbone is not a quality valued by those in the swamp who prefer robots over patriots. But his principles are exactly why voters sent Labrador to D.C., and his strength in standing up for the people of Idaho is why he should be elected Governor.

Politicians are a dime a dozen. Tough, conservative leaders are a much harder breed to come by. Many will claim the title, but until you’ve been put through the furnace of a Speaker and a President urging you to vote against your conscience, and come out the other side with your principles intact, no one really knows how you will hold up.

In a time when our nation has a shortage of political courage, Idaho has a chance to elect someone who has proven his mettle – Raul Labrador.

Everyone else can talk a good conservative game, but no other candidate has actually proven it under the toughest test conditions.

Idaho’s primary is this Tuesday, May 15.

Richard Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government.

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