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Is America headed for a second Boston Tea Party?

Four actions every Patriot should take today.

By Catherine Mortensen

Today marks 247 years since a group of Massachusetts patriots known as the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Indians and snuck aboard three tea ships docked in the Boston Harbor. Once aboard the ships the men dumped and destroyed every one of the 342 boxes of tea sent by the East India Company.

These actions were in defiance of Britain’s new Tea Act, which set forth more rules and restrictions regarding the colonies ability to trade and carry tea. The British attempt to raise revenue by taxing tea and other things spurred the events of the Boston tea party which sparked the American Revolution and set the framework for gaining America’s independence.

The colonists were rebelling less against taxation than they were the lack of representation in the matter. They had no voice in their governance. And that is exactly how millions of American patriots feel today. They believe they have been disenfranchised by widespread election fraud, and by key states braking election laws in direct violation of the Constitution.

Representation (or lack thereof) is the issue then and now.

And for anyone who fears that talk of a second Boston Tea Party sounds like embarking on a trip to Crazy Town, consider how crazy it would have been dressing up as a Mohawk Indian on a cold December night and dumping tea into the icy waters of the Boston harbor.

Clay Clark is an Oklahoma small business consultant and host of the conservative Thrive Time Radio Show who hears from listeners across the country every day who are frustrated and angry and looking for where to channel their outrage.

“Republicans and Democrats who reject the Deep State are coming together to form a new party,” Clark said. “It doesn’t have a name yet, but I am calling it the Patriot Party. It is made up of people who love God, our individual freedoms, and we believe that government should be instituted amongst men to ensure our individual liberties, whereas the Deep State mindset believes a big government is needed to limit our individual freedom.”

To be clear, Clark is not calling for a second Boston Tea Party. Instead, he believes we are headed for a “civil war of information.” He offers three key actions patriots can take now to fight for freedom.

1. Stop getting news from bad sources. Go to new conservative news outlets. Some of his favorites include:

The Dan Bongino Show

Newsmax TV

One America News

Just the News

“Be careful about the news and information that you allow into your family’s homes and hearts,” Clark adds. He notes that his radio show, along with many other conservative news outlets, has seen a huge increase in listeners since the election. “Did I get that much better? No, I didn’t. It’s just that people have been lied to and they are discovering that the mainstream media is bought and paid for by large corporations with deep ties to the Communists.”

2. Stop funding globalists by being intentional about who you buy from.

“When you buy from a company such as Facebook or Twitter, or Microsoft, you are empowering globalists,” Clark warns. “We need to be buying local to starve out the globalists.”

3. Become a truth-sharing agent.

“Try to make it your goal this year to convert three people to the Patriot Party. Let them know that we support candidates who support America, not the Deep State.” Clark even shares his cell phone number with any patriot who want to connect directly with him and get direct access “not to accusations, and allegations, but affidavits and video footage of irrefutable voter fraud.”

CLAY CLARK CELL # 918-851-6920

4. Switch to politically neutral social media platforms.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning offers up a fourth step for patriots.  He recommends patriots start connecting on sites such as Parler and Rumble that don’t censor political content. “We’ve seen tremendous growth on Parler since the election, unlike anything we’ve ever seen on Facebook or Twitter. There is real value for patriots being on these sites. If Big Tech continues to censor us, these new platforms may be our only way to connect on social media.


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Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.


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