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ALG EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Boebert calls to censure Biden over failure to ‘faithfully execute the law’

“It’s his sworn duty to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, but all he’s done is disrespect the law.”

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Editor’s note: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) sat down with ALG News this week to share why she is fighting for limited government, the rule of law, and our fundamental freedoms as Americans.

Catherine Mortensen: About a month ago you introduced a resolution with 23 of your colleagues to censure President Joe Biden for dereliction of duty, and specifically looking at his inability or unwillingness to secure our Southern border. Tell me where that’s at and why you put that out there.

Rep. Lauren Boebert: I introduced a censure bill to hold Biden accountable for his dereliction of duty. One of his first acts as President was to unconstitutionally institute a 100 day pause in enforcing immigration laws, and just 100 days later, a record breaking 178,000 illegal immigrants were encountered along the Southern border. Imagine that? Not enforcing the law, leads to more law breaking. Biden’s dereliction of duty and unlawful refusal to enforce the law goes against the Take Care Act clause in Article II, Section Three of the Constitution. It’s his sworn duty to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, but all he’s done is disrespect the law. His first action was to cancel construction of the border wall and now we have a very incomplete border wall is very porous and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring through that border now.

President Biden also deserves to be censured for trampling Congress.  The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas issued a restraining order on Biden’s illegal pause noting that it completely ignores statutory mandates, duly enacted by Congress. Additionally, he’s violated the separation of powers by diverting funds Congress specifically set aside for the border wall. I felt it was our duty as Congress to censure Biden for this dereliction of duty, and we have. We have more than two dozen members of Congress who are signed on to the censure bill and it is still gaining momentum.

The majority of Republican Members of Congress have been to the southern border to see firsthand what his policies are doing and the crisis that he’s causing.

Catherine Mortensen: Thank you for doing that. You also sent a letter, along with some of your Republican colleagues in Colorado, to Governor Jared Polis, your state’s governor, asking that he end the Biden Unemployment Bonus checks. It appears that he has not that. Why is that important to you?

Representative Boebert: This is important to me because this is important to business owners. This is important to families. It’s important for just a healthy morale and having put your hand to something, and creating success. There’s not a lot of moral value in just sitting at home and collecting a paycheck. There’s no sense of pride and achievement in doing that.

Democrats in Congress still haven’t really even been showing up for work, so it’s no surprise that they want to pay people to sit at home. We have at least six Members of Congress who have not shown up once in Washington, DC to cast a vote. They’ve all been voting by proxy, and many of them, pick and choose when they want to show up and vote by proxy.

Instead of getting capable able-bodied people back to work, they are raising your taxes, increasing inflation, devaluing your home and borrowing from your children’s future. Businesses around the country are offering signing bonuses and paying high wages, but they’re struggling to find workers due to the government’s unemployment checks.

At one point, more than two-thirds of people on jobless benefits were making more from unemployment checks, than they did when they were actually employed. And in May, businesses in America were unable to fill 9.2 million jobs. The national unemployment for June was 5.9 percent and Colorado’s unemployment rate in June was 6.2 percent. According to the Colorado Restaurant Association 90 percent of Colorado restaurants reported having trouble hiring enough staff for the summer season.

I completely can relate to that. I own a restaurant, and I know the struggles of getting staff right now. It is very difficult when the federal government and state governments are offering more money for people to sit at home, or just enough to get by. We’ve had employees approach us and I’ve had a lot of people come to me and tell me about their local businesses, saying that people don’t want to work full time, because it cuts into the benefits that they are receiving from state and federal governments for staying at home. It’s really shameful that American businesses are having to compete with government to pay their employees.

Catherine Mortensen: Do you think that this is an attempt to create a universal basic income, basically full-on socialism where people can stay home and live off the government dole? Is this a first step towards that?

Representative Boebert: I do believe that this is an attempt for a universal pay and certainly a form of socialism. But look at what’s happening in Cuba right now. They aren’t demanding higher wages and more socialism. They are demanding freedom and waving the American flag because that is the symbol across the world for liberty and justice for all, and for freedom. The Cuban people right now are a prime example that government crumbs will never satisfy the human desire for liberty.

Catherine Mortensen:  Fabulous. My last question is about Critical Race Theory. You gave remarks recently opposing CRT and you then further urged average, everyday Americans to run for local office, including school board. That sounds a little bit like your own story. Tell me why it is so important that we get involved.

Representative Boebert: I’m so glad that you asked that question in that way because as soon as you mentioned critical race theory, I think about moms and dads, stepping up to the plate. It’s showing right now in all of the viral videos that we’re seeing of moms and dads taking a stand against the school boards.

We the People, need to be occupying these spaces. We the People, give consent to the government to be governed and there are some things that we aren’t putting up with anymore.

In order to change that, we have to get like-minded individuals, regular folks, in these positions to take a stand.

Unfortunately, Democrats are teaching our children to hate each other. Democrats have always been the party of racism, they have always been the party of segregation. In the 1800’s it was slavery in the 1960’s it was Jim Crow. And now, it is critical race theory. President Lincoln once quoted the words of Jesus saying “A house divided cannot stand.” We are the United States of America, but this racist theory wants to make us the divided States of America.

Catherine Mortensen: Thank you so much, Congresswoman Boebert. You are just a breath of fresh air for so many Americans, we are grateful for your voice and what you’re doing. And I know it’s not easy. So, thank you. Are there any final words that you have our group?  As Americans for Limited Government, clearly we are on board with what you are doing. Any final words that you have.

Representative Boebert: The only way we are going to get government to limit itself is to get people who want limited government in office. I encourage everyone to get involved at every level.

Democrats know this, and they put a lot of focus on every level of government, every elected seat, and now it’s time for We the People to do the same thing. Government was instituted to secure our rights. I think one of the biggest misconceptions of government, is that it’s there to keep us safe. No. Government is there to keep us free. And so we need to get people who believe that in office so we can remain the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications for Americans for Limited Government.


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