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Color Us United calls for focus on individual freedom to counter racist Critical Race Theory

“The American experiment is something that is so precious and so special, because each and every one of us has the ability to live it out in our own way.”

By Catherine Mortensen

As the left continues to push its divisive and Marxist-based Critical Race Theory, a new group has emerged to challenge the narrative that we must all embrace “diversity, inclusion, and equity.” Color Us United is a group dedicated to a race-blind America. The group’s spokesperson, Christian Watson, a Black American who was raised by a single mother, rejects attempts by the Woke mob to be labeled a victim.

Watson made his case in a recent guest column in the Washington Examiner.

The foundational problem with DEI initiatives is that everyone is expected to believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are inherently good while uniformity, inequity, and exclusion are inherently bad. But that is not the case. In many situations, inequity is essential because each individual carries strengths and weaknesses. But DEI initiatives ignore that simple truth.

Most people agree that a world with perfect equity is not only unattainable but also undesirable. If perfect equity exists, we cannot have the diversity that matters: the real diversity that brings people from all backgrounds and mindsets together, not the diluted diversity of university DEI offices that only value differences of skin color.

People are not equal, and this has helped humanity thrive. We need leaders and followers and thinkers and doers. We need individuals to be as unequally talented as possible so we can all benefit from each other’s skill sets.

Diversity, especially the diversity of thought, is a necessary part of any functioning society. But one cannot have a pool of different people without expecting different outcomes and distinct life experiences. When champions of DEI finally accept this fundamental principle, perhaps we’ll get a better sense of what diversity actually looks like.

For the full interview with Christian Watson, watch our YouTube video on ALG News.

Americans for Limited Government News spoke with Watson to learn more about his group’s mission to give a voice to the “millions of Americans who are upset by government, corporate and media claims that America is a hateful country.”

ALG News: Thank you Christian, for joining us today. Color Us United is a group that is new to me. Can you tell us a little bit about your group and what your goals are?

Christian Watson:  We are interested in establishing a race-blind society in America. We don’t see individuals in relation to their arbitrary characteristics. This extends really beyond race, it extends as well, to sexual orientation, extends to any form of identity. We want to see people at unique individuals who are colorfully united by our differences.

ALG News: Are you getting any pushback on that message?

Christian Watson: Whenever you’re going against the orthodoxy, sure, you see things on social media that aren’t so flattering.  But an overwhelming majority of Americans are gravitating to a simple truth that animates the foundation of our republic. And that is, we want to be free and to be viewed as individuals.  When you speak this very basic action to people, they latch on because they’ve lived it their entire lives. It’s not some obscure academic theory like Critical Race Theory.

The American experiment is something that is so precious and so special, because each and every one of us has the ability to live it out in our own way, whether it’s in the frontier, whether it’s in the Midwest, the blue-collar workers, whether it’s the white collar-worker or someone accruing skills. Each of us can live out our individual potential and the Founders knew that. That is precisely why they enshrined those holy words in the Declaration of Independence and then codified them into law in the Constitution.

ALG News: Christian in your own life, do you have any stories to show how this has worked for you, as an African American in the United States, how has that played out in your life?

Christian Watson:  You cannot blame some system of oppression or lack thereof for your success or failure. You have to take responsibility for yourself. That simple truth has animated every single step of my journey. I came from a single mother. I did not have any sort of wealth or any sort of silver spoon. I am someone who came to this position through hard work.  If more Black Americans follow this idea, I think there’ll be a lot less stress amongst them.

ALG News: Thank you. I absolutely love what you’re saying. Our organization, Americans for Limited Government, values a smaller government and more individual freedom, which is what you’re talking about, what do you think the role of government in our lives should be?

Christian Watson: I think the role of government is simply to preserve our natural rights and nothing else. Government has no business dictating a certain subjective criteria or morals to people. They have no business trying to give people stuff. They have no business trying to push curricula down people’s throats. People should be allowed to flourish in their own creative genius.

For the full interview with Christian Watson, watch our YouTube video on ALG News.


Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications for Americans for Limited Government.

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