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Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Pray that God intervenes in Afghanistan

This is a disaster. Pray, pray, pray that God intervenes and pray that common sense returns to the White House.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez each Wednesday at 9 am ET to talk news of the day. This week they discussed President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Bill Martinez: This has been a continually heartbreaking experience for every Patriot and every God-fearing American to hear what’s going on in Afghanistan.

Rick Manning: It is unbelievable what we’re witnessing in Afghanistan. Incredibly, I read an article in the left-wing Guardian newspaper out of the UK and they are reporting that UNICEF is worried that under Taliban control in Afghanistan Covid-19 vaccinations have dropped by 80 percent. Apparently, Taliban are vaccine skeptics. Instead of putting out a statement about the welfare of the hundreds of thousands of children who are going to be killed in Afghanistan or sold into slavery, UNICEF is worried about Covid vaccinations. That is how we know the world has gone entirely, completely insane.

Joe Biden is not making every effort to get Americans out. They still don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan. The soldiers on the ground are doing heroic things to try help.

Bill Martinez: There is no superhero coming to rescue. Joe Biden has decided to throw the Captain America shield into the fire, and basically say, “Captain America doesn’t exist anymore. He’s dead.”

Rick Manning: Joe Biden didn’t even consult with our NATO partners or with anybody involved in what was going on in Afghanistan. We have reports that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was beside himself over all this stuff is happening and Joe Biden wouldn’t even take his phone calls.

Bill Martinez: Yes. Other European allies were also desperately trying to find out what the heck was going on inside the inside the White House there and getting no answers. Sadly, this is how the Obama administration trained Joe Biden. Lead from behind. As Barack Obama famously said, “Elections have consequences.” I hope the American people are really studying and recalculating the significance of their vote, and the significance of a free and fair election.

Rick Manning: We need to know what our generals at the Pentagon knew about what was happening on the ground in Afghanistan. They have access to satellite photos every day, if not multiple times a day. Were they looking at those photos and unable to see the Taliban moving large numbers of troops? This was in direct contradiction to what they were supposed to do. And did our generals decide not to do anything?

We must remember that during the Obama administration he flushed out a lot of good younger officers who would have been generals now. This is a disaster. Pray, pray, pray that God intervenes and pray that common sense returns to the White House.

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