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ALG on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Hunter Biden’s so-called art is part of intimidation scheme

The Biden family corruption scandal was right there in front of us, but Big Tech censored it and wouldn’t allow people to see the story.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joined radio host Bill Martinez for an update from the DC swamp. This week Rick talked about the sophisticated intimidation scheme the Biden family is playing using Hunter Biden’s so-called artwork.

“If I were President Xi Jinping, I would want to buy this art and have it in all my rooms where I am negotiating with American diplomats,” Manning noted.

“It’s disgustingly blatant,” added Martinez. “Its been in front of the media for years and they’ve ignored it. We saw video of Hunter riding on Air Force Two. The guy was so cheap he couldn’t even buy his own plane tickets. Instead, he was getting rides with his dad on an official airplane at taxpayer’s expense. And he was headed to China to negotiate a deal for the Biden family conglomerate. This is what is driving the every day American who is dealing with serious problems, like inflation, crazy!”

“It’s disgusting and it was totally predictable,” added Manning. “Hunter Biden’s business partner laid out everything that was going on. No one should be surprised. The problem was Big Tech would not allow people to see these stories. They literally blocked you from knowing about it. This is a disinformation problem coming from Big Tech and the legacy media.”

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