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Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Many young people don’t want to work, why should they?

Millions of Americans have figured out that they can vote to give themselves other people’s money. This is unsustainable.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez every Wednesday at 9 am ET to talk news of the day. This week they talked about the latest black eye for the FBI, and the growing class of Americans dependent on the government.

Bill Martinez:  The latest development in the Russian Collusion fake news is just outrageous. Turns out the star witness for the FBI in the case against Trump had ties to the Clinton campaign. And he’s now been indicted for lying to the FBI. What we are seeing so often is that the FBI had a hand in these things, whether it be the Trump Russia Collusion hoax or the Jan. 6 capitol breach, or the Justice for J6 rally.

Richard Manning: It gets a little complicated to follow all the ins and out of this case, but the bottom line is this: the FBI wouldn’t have had anything to investigate without this guy Michael Sussman’s testimony. But the Durham investigation revealed he allegedly lied to the FBI. The whole thing is really just a mess for the Department of Justice and the FBI. It reminds me of the FBI clown show in plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. And more recently at the Justice for J6 rally in DC, turns out there was an undercover federal agent who had infiltrated the event. One that we know of. I’m going to assume there were others.

Bill Martinez: To change subjects, Rick, let’s talk about the spending Democrats are trying to push through their two massive spending bills. We used to say Democrats were spending our grandchildren’s money, but now they are spending our great-great grandchildren’s money, people who haven’t even been born yet. Talk about taxation without representation?

Richard Manning: That’s exactly right. And what we have now is a growing class of Americans who simply refuse to work, and why should they? They know another government ‘stimy’ check is just around the corner. They can just sit home and wait for their government check to come. People have figured out they can vote give themselves other people’s money.

Bill Martinez: This is all very much by design. Our government has made a deal with these people: you give us your vote and we’ll give you food. It’s creating Marxist dependency.

Richard Manning: These Biden administration policies are resulting in young people just extending adolescence — they never have to grow up. They can live on mom and dad’s basement couch forever.

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