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Rand Paul & Wife Create ‘Twitter storm’ After Going Off on Biden’s DOJ

“The punk who assaulted the policeman defending my wife and I in DC went free but the Biden Admin. labels concerned parents as “domestic terrorists?” 

By Richard Manning

Sen. Rand Paul’s wife, Kelley Paul, weighed in on Twitter on the attacks she and her family have endured from the left following up from a tweet by Sen. Paul condemning the Biden Administration labeling concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”

Kelley Paul tweeted, “A mob held us hostage for ten minutes, spitting on and threatening to kill us. No charges! Fake anthrax and death threats sent to our home. No charges! Now just learned the person who called Rand’s Senate office threatening to shoot us will not be charged. I’m exhausted and angry.”


Sen. Paul followed up with his own Tweet, saying, “The punk who assaulted the policeman defending my wife and I in DC went free but the Biden Admin. labels concerned parents as “domestic terrorists?”


Add to these DOJ decisions the fact that the FBI admitted to the House Committee on that they do not track violence by ANTIFA as part of their monitoring the rise of domestic terrorism, and you have a complete picture of a federal intelligence infrastructure that is blind to real and obvious threats while choosing to engage in intimidation campaigns against parents who simply want the Marxist indoctrination of our children to end.

When you add the FBI’s attempt to gain access to the encrypted emails of 200,000 conservatives who use protonmail, not because they have any specific charges, but simply due to the Biden Justice Department assumption that conservatives are guilty until proven innocent, you have a picture developing of a politically weaponized federal government with no fear of being held accountable for abuses of power.  In fact, the actions being taken are so brazen that they reek of being from a group of politicians that never think that the shoe will be on the other foot, which has historically been a brake on wholesale abuse of governmental power in the United States.

When a US Senator can be attacked, have death threats and fake anthrax sent to his home with no ramifications, while the FBI turns its attention to parents around the country who have the audacity to speak truth to power against a radical indoctrination agenda, something is very wrong.

With this past weekend’s assault on Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema by at least one illegal alien following her into a restroom and haranguing her while she was in a bathroom stall in our immediate rear-view mirror, hopefully, a bi-partisan consensus can emerge that forces the Justice Department to quit accepting political violence from the left while imagining it from parents of all political stripes.

Richard Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government.


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