Ukraine war, European dependence on Russian oil and gas prove ESG is a threat to national security

By Robert Romano One of the facts being laid bare by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that Europe has become highly dependent on Russian oil and natural gas for its economy, largely owing to green energy policies that have shut down coal and nuclear electricity generation in […]


Higher oil and gas prices will fuel Russia’s military to prosecute its war in Ukraine. The U.S. and OPEC need to speed up production.

  By Robert Romano “Our sanctions package is specifically designed to allow energy payments to continue.” That was President Joe Biden’s statement on Feb. 24  on how U.S. and Western sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine would impact Russian oil and natural gas exports. So far, the answer is they won’t, despite calls by some to […]


Biden’s Shameful Blame Game

The Left’s default position is always to blame the private sector and look to government for a solution, when just the opposite approach is needed. By Catherine Mortensen Joe Biden, suffering from abysmal poll numbers, is trying to blame others for the results of his failed policies, […]


African nations want help building infrastructure, not climate change lectures

“Africans have a right to use reliable, cheap energy, and doing so doesn’t prevent the development of the continent’s renewables. Forcing Africa down one route will hinder our fight against poverty.” – Yoweri K. Museveni, President of Uganda By Catherine Mortensen Next week’s meeting in Glasgow, Scotland […]


Cartoon: Frequent Liar Miles


States and counties fight back against Biden’s globalist land grab scheme

Biden issues executive order calling for 30 percent of U.S.  lands and waters to be off limits for productive use. By Catherine Mortensen One of President Joe Biden’s first acts as president was to sign an executive order that went almost completely unnoticed. The so-called Thirty By Thirty initiative calls for […]


Biden’s embrace of green energy threatens America’s energy independence

Biden’s policies are fueling rising energy costs and giving more power to unfriendly nations. By David Potter The investment into solar and electric over the past two decades has been enormous, but the demand for energy continues to outpace the supply of these alternative sources. Newer technologies […]


California’s Energy Woes: A Cautionary Tale for America

No one can miss the irony of Californians finding themselves stuck at home just as they are finally ending their draconian pandemic restrictions due to their equally draconian energy production regulations. By Rick Manning According to Newsweek , as temperatures hit triple digits during California’s heat wave last […]


Cartoon: Putin’s Puppet


Cartoon: Buyer’s Remorse

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