Cartoon: Green New Steal


High gas prices are a feature of Biden’s energy policy

By Rick Manning The Biden administration’s latest excuse for high gasoline prices is priceless, it’s Trump’s fault. Current Labor Secretary Marty Walsh came out with this astonishing claim in an interview on CNN Newsroom where he said, “if the last administration made investments in refineries, we wouldn’t be where we are […]


Cartoon: Beg Back Better


Germany has cut traditional electricity generation by 38 percent since 2002, a cautionary tale for the West

By Robert Romano Germany has reduced overall electricity production from traditional sources by 38 percent, or 198.1 million Megawatt Hours (MWh) since 2002, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany . Coal and nuclear led the collapse of Germany’s electric grid, from 121 million MWh for coal and 164.8 million MWh for nuclear a […]


Cartoon: Joyless Weather


Nord Stream natural gas pipeline sabotage brings Europe to point of no return

By Robert Romano The Nord Stream natural gas pipelines, which until the war in Ukraine had supplied 1.9 trillion cubic feet a year to Europe, and 55 percent of Germany’s gas alone , appears to have been sabotaged after two recorded blasts resulted in massive gas leaks into the Baltic Sea. Owned and […]


Europe’s long winter is almost here

By Robert Romano As global oil prices somewhat ease as Europe’s economy overheats into recession , falling prices will eventually bring along another unfortunate aspect of the business cycle: the impact on labor markets. Inflation and unemployment are said to have an inverse relationship. When prices are generally rising, unemployment is usually […]


Americans for Limited Government opposes windfall profits tax

Dear Senators and Representatives, We, the undersigned organizations representing a broad spectrum of Americans, write to provide our insight on recent proposals in both the House and Senate regarding “Windfall Profits Taxes” on the oil and gas industry. It is no secret that in the […]


19 GOP Attorneys General threaten $10 trillion hedge fund BlackRock with antitrust action over ESG stranglehold on U.S. energy production

By Robert Romano A group of 19 Republican Attorneys General led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson have threatened the $10 trillion hedge fund BlackRock with antitrust legal action in an Aug. 4 letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink accusing the company of “intentionally restrain[ing] and harm[ing] the competitiveness of the […]


Cartoon: Getting Hosed

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