Say No to Biden’s Dim Bulb Energy Schemes

By Catherine Mortensen President Donald Trump’s energy policies have created an America that is energy independent for the first time in 60 years. That means we produce more energy than we consume. As a result, the price we pay now at the pump and to heat our […]


Conservative groups rally to save Pebble Mine

By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government, along with 65 other conservative groups, sent a letter to President Trump this week urging him not to allow political meddling in the permitting process for the Pebble Mine in Alaska. Just hours after sending the letter of support for the […]


Russia, China Locking up America’s Natural Resources

By Catherine Mortensen At the height of the Great Depression, my great-grandfather and his two sons left their tiny Northern New Mexico village in search of economic opportunity. All three men found work at the massive open pit Bingham Copper Mine just west of Salt Lake City. […]


Biden’s Green New Deal will end fracking, make America beholden to China

By Robert Romano Former Vice President Joe Biden is promising to implement the Green New Deal, setting a national target for 2035 to cut carbon emissions in half in a move that would end the fossil fuel industry for transportation and electricity as we know it. That means […]


Chinese market meddling in Pebble Mine threatens national security

By Catherine Mortensen One of America’s foremost energy experts is raising alarms over China’s latest meddling in U.S. mineral production. Dan Kish, a distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, says the attempt by a dubious Chinese investment firm to undermine Alaska’s Pebble Mine is one of […]


Cartoon: Ancient Profession


Exxon Mobil removal from Dow Jones a cautionary tale not to feed the Green New Deal crocodile

By Catherine Mortensen This week energy giant Exxon Mobil lost its prestigious place as one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Its replacement: enterprise software company Salesforce.com. According to S & P Dow Jones, the change was driven by Apple’s decision to split its stock, […]


Are the state-led pandemic shutdowns a trial run for the Green New Deal? Consider it a warning.

By Robert Romano At the height of the state-led COVID-19 pandemic economic shutdowns in April, 25.3 million Americans had lost their jobs as businesses shuttered up and families stayed behind closed doors, waiting for the worst of the virus to pass. While working from home or being furloughed, millions of Americans stayed off the […]


EPA biofuel mandates don’t make sense

By Rick Manning Did you know that adding corn into oil based gasoline actually increases the cost of that gas over non-blended gasoline? How about the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency’s own data shows that refiners had to rely on 481 million gallons of foreign fuel to meet […]


Bernie’s Green New Deal to go 100 percent renewable in 10 years would destroy America

By Robert Romano Are the American people about to vote to destroy the way of life? If socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) is elected, his utopian promise to implement a 10-year Soviet-style Gosplan to end oil and gas consumption — the Green New Deal —will radically transform the U.S. economy, and […]

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