Biden struggles to pass $3.5 trillion spending bill amid concerns economy is overheating

We literally printed money to cover every bit of the debt that has been incurred due to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns. Now, it looks like the economy is overheating. By Robert Romano The Consumer Price Index has increased 5.4 percent the past twelve months amid an unprecedented spendathon by Congress and two presidential […]


Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Program: Kill the Bill, Save the Country

“We have to stop the $3.5 Trillion dollar spend. It is a knife to America’s throat.” Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest on the Michael Yaffee Radio Program on WVNN radio in Huntsville, AL .  This week they talked about raising the debt ceiling limit in Congress and how that […]


Manning on Mike Hayes Radio Show: If GOP want to win mid-terms, they need to put the brakes on spending

“Republicans need to fight tooth and nail over the next 18 months to fight against Big Government, or they are going to lose in the polls.” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is a frequent guest on the Mike Hayes Radio Show on WIZM radio in […]


Deficit will hit $3.6 trillion in fiscal year 2021 as $7.27 trillion of the national debt will come due in the next year alone

Despite the record amounts of debt, the Treasury and Federal Reserve do not appear to have any trouble financing the debt at the moment. By Robert Romano The annual budget deficit has already hit $1.9 trillion and counting for the fiscal year that will end in September, […]

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