Biden’s vaccine mandate could rise or fall based on 2012 Roberts ruling on Obamacare individual mandate

If the Biden vaccine mandates are upheld by federal courts including the Supreme Court, there will be no effective limit on the federal government’s police powers over personal health choices. There will be no turning back from the iron totalitarian grip upon liberty. By Robert Romano “Construing […]


Joe Manchin’s election bill would nationalize no-excuse absentee mail-in ballots for every state

The latest bill just increasing the slide toward one-party dominance by Democrats of the electoral system. By Robert Romano A working proposal to amend H.R. 4 by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) supported by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) would nationalize no-excuse mail-in absentee ballots for every state in the U.S., effectively […]


Biden’s taxes on the rich won’t stop all Americans from paying higher inflation from his next $4 trillion stimulus

We literally printed $5 trillion to cover the spending. Unsurprisingly, inflation popped. By Robert Romano In order to offset his next massive $3.5 trillion stimulus spending bill, President Joe Biden is proposing to increase taxes on wealthy Americans , a bid to justify the influx of new spending, by claiming its “paid […]


Has Joe Biden lost control of the virus? Honeymoon ends as IHME estimates Covid cases surge to 475,000 daily.

Biden’s naming and shaming strategy of the unvaccinated is not only politically risky, but possibly counterproductive. Trust is the major gap here, and it is largely partisan. By Robert Romano President Joe Biden has taken an enormous hit in public approval over his handling of the Covid […]


ALG on Chuck Wilder Talkback Radio Show: Trump is right, many unvaxxed Americans don’t trust the government. Why should they?

Americans for Limited Government Vice President of Public Policy Robert Romano is a regular guest on the Chuck Wilder Talkback radio show. This week Robert talked about a recent column he wrote in which he explained some of the many reasons the government has given Americans to […]

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