A New Approach to Ending the Not So Sweet Sugar Subsidies

During the holiday season candy canes are once again omnipresent with all the joy they represent to go with their yummy goodness. But the business behind the production of that candy cane is fraught with trade battles pitting nations against one another as quotas and […]


As Trump takes on China on trade reciprocity, time for a second look at zero for zero on sugar and other agricultural subsidies

By Rick Manning Over the past three decades, prior to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, U.S. manufacturing and production, and agriculture, has been outsourced to foreign trade partners. There are many factors that have fueled this shift towards globalization: trade agreements and legislation including NAFTA and […]


Covid-19 food supply disruptions threaten foreign dumping of agriculture, hurting U.S. farmers and ranchers

By Rick Manning Americans were stunned in late March and throughout most of April and May that many of the shelves that normally carried staples at the grocery store were empty.  This, more than any other image, stunned many as it demonstrated the fragility of our nation’s […]


Brazil sugar cane controversy opens door to trade deal

By Rick Manning Brazil is the leading producer of sugar cane in the world and environmentalists in the South American country worry that a recent decision by President Jair Bolsonaro’s government to end a ten-year moratorium on new cane production in the Amazon rainforest will spark new development. While Brazilian sugar production […]


Congress should learn from EU failed sugar experiment and reciprocally end subsides globally

By Rick Manning The European Union succumbed to pressure from its candy industry and foreign sugar exporters to unilaterally end sugar subsidies in 2006 with the promise that consumers would be the big winners, an argument that is all too frequently heard in the halls of Congress.  […]


No tariffs, no barriers, no subsidies: The Yoho path to subsidy-free sugar

It is not enough to complain about U.S. subsidies without recognizing the market impact of foreign subsidies and tariffs, and unilateral disarmament on a trade issue runs counter to the President’s let’s all lower our tariffs and subsidies together call to action to the G-7 countries.


Give President Trump the Power to Negotiate Sugar Subsidies Away

By Rick Manning “President Trump believes that American food producers have not been treated the fairly on international stage and has committed to levelling the playing field for America’s farmers.” That’s one of the clear statements contained within last month’s White House  report  titled, “What You Need To […]


Reciprocity is the only sustainable path to free trade

By Rick Manning Adapted from the Nov. 13, 2017 Soho Forum debate. You know, as a non-economist, when I received the invitation to participate in this forum, I kind of felt like a Christian being invited into the Coliseum to meet the lions for lunch.  However, since this debate is largely a political and not an […]


Why is Congress consistently failing in its oversight capacity?

By ALG Staff Major institutions in the U.S. have a problem. Scandals appear in the media daily. Big corporations going bankrupt, religious institutions hiding scandals, and public schools failing at the basic task of education are just a sample of what appears in the headlines. […]


Yoho Zero for Zero sugar policy is a trade win-win for everyone

  By Robert Romano President-elect Donald Trump has promised to take a fresh view of our trade relations around the world to make certain they are in the interests of American workers.  One place his nominee for the U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer can start would be to embrace […]

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