America wins with new international cargo ship fuel regulation 

By Rick Manning An international regulation coming out of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) would both significantly lower pollution levels being generated by the container shipping industry while also benefitting the U.S. oil refining industry and those who work in it. It is no secret […]


Cartoon: The Gods Are Angry


Green energy failed the polar vortex test

By Richard McCarty The recent polar vortex of extremely cold weather this winter tested Green New Deal policies, and they failed miserably. Many Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and several presidential candidates, support a Green New Deal, which would phase out the use of all […]


Green New Deal would cost America everything

By Rick Manning Adapted from testimony before the House Western Caucus. Cost estimates have come out for the Green New Deal — some say $93 trillion dollars, but the truth is that the plan actually would cost America much more — it would cost our nation everything. It would cost the ability of individuals to […]


Trump should use trade deal with China to take Green New Deal off the table

By Robert Romano As President Donald Trump looks to finalize a trade agreement with China — he tweeted on Feb. 25 that a deal was in its “advanced stages” — one thing he should be sure to gain concessions on is the cost advantage Beijing possesses because of […]


Cartoon: Green means stop


Dems go off the rails in Green New Deal, two high-speed rail projects maimed after botched rollout

By Robert Romano The Green New Deal may already be coming off the tracks. By far the dopiest part of the plan was the now-retracted summary offered by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that proposed “get[ting] rid of… airplanes” and replacing air travel with high speed trains, stating that […]


Imagine no freedom, it’s easy if you try

By Rick Manning Everyone is talking about the Green New Deal, and how it would end domestic airline travel, the internal combustion engine, fossil fuel usage, most electricity generation and even ban cow flatulence. You have groups guessing what the cost of the Green New Deal would […]


Cartoon: Railroaded


Rick Manning: ‘Socialism is a false god’

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