EPA biofuel mandates don’t make sense

By Rick Manning Did you know that adding corn into oil based gasoline actually increases the cost of that gas over non-blended gasoline? How about the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency’s own data shows that refiners had to rely on 481 million gallons of foreign fuel to meet […]


Bernie’s Green New Deal to go 100 percent renewable in 10 years would destroy America

By Robert Romano Are the American people about to vote to destroy the way of life? If socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) is elected, his utopian promise to implement a 10-year Soviet-style Gosplan to end oil and gas consumption — the Green New Deal —will radically transform the U.S. economy, and […]


Cartoon: Family Tradition


The Renewable Fuel Standard is the gift that keeps on taking

By Rick Manning As we approach Christmas it is time to take another look at one of the “gifts” Congress gave the U.S. and how it continues to be the gift that keeps on taking. It is a gift that has not only failed to do what […]


Better government begins with transparent information

By Rick Manning Limited government demands that the administrative state base regulations upon a foundation of sound science and transparency. But transparency and evidence-based science are not just a limited government issue; they’re a better governance issue that should enjoy bipartisan commitment. In particular, there’s a lot at stake […]


Cartoon: Feeling the Burn


Cartoon:  Children of the Climate

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher level resolution version.


Time to reform the Endangered Species Act

By Rick Manning Adapted from testimony given before the House Western Caucus. The Endangered Species Act has been stretched beyond recognition into little more than a property grab while little progress is made on species restoration. I personally have been following the need to reform the Endangered […]


Saudi oil shock shows wisdom of Trump Venezuelan oil waiver

By Rick Manning President Donald Trump’s decision to grant waivers to U.S. oil interests from Venezuelan sanctions looks particularly brilliant in light of the recent attack on Saudi Arabian oil refineries which temporarily shut down the availability of more than 5 percent of the world’s oil supplies. Given the United States’ […]


In the flash of an eye, the world’s oil supply was cut by 5 percent. The world needs more oil, but Green New Deal Dems say no.

By Robert Romano In the flash of an eye, the world’s oil supply was reduced by 5 percent after the Sept. 14 attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities including the Abqaiq oil processing facility, which sent oil prices soaring in trading on Sept. 16 and then a subsequent pullback today upon Saudi announcements that production will […]

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