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President Obama: Spice up the honeymoon

  • On: 05/06/2009 11:50:35
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured commentary, here’s an interesting excerpt from a well-regarded Seattle-based columnist, veteran Democrat operative and Obama supporter, Ted Van Dyk. Not even he thinks highly of Obama’s pick for Deputy HUD Secretary, King County Executive Ron Sims:

    President Obama: Spice up the honeymoon

    By Ted Van Dyk

    …It is hard to imagine someone less qualified as Deputy Housing and Urban Development Secretary than Ron Sims. Sims’ weak suit, as King County Executive, was his administrative competence. His troubles with the county jail, elections office, sewage-treatment facility and transportation planning are well known. Like Locke, he is personable; a nice guy. But the HUD Deputy’s job is to administer and run day-to-day a department notorious for its scandals, corruption, and screwups while the Secretary serves as outside man. Unless he is careful, HUD will eat Sims alive.

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