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The Overnights: Health Care Debate Keeps Rolling

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  • The Overnights: Health Care Debate Keeps Rolling

    By Adam Bitely

    Last week I mentioned that we are constantly reminded of being three weeks out from a Health Care vote. As I said, we have been told this since the beginning of the summer. Here we are a week later, and it looks like we are still three weeks out.

    But what has transpired over the last week to continue to keep us three weeks out? For starters, questions are arising about Michelle Obama’s involvement in a practice called “Patient Dumping.” As I noted on NetRight Nation on Tuesday, Patient Dumping is the practice of dumping those that cannot afford medical services or those that would burden the system onto other medical care providers.

    It would appear that Michelle Obama, plus other prominent Obama administration officials are involved in such a practice. And, this story has achieved some high coverage. Michelle Malkin has written about it twice (here and here) as well as included a section on it in her most recent book.

    The blogosphere is hot on the case. Did Michelle Obama along with Valerie Jarrett and Susan Sher involve themselves in “Patient Dumping?” Will this model be pushed on us in the Health Care bill? The blogosphere will be digging deep into this story.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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