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The Daily Wrap-Up: May 26

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Wednesday Afternoon –

Media Matters is up to their usual tricks, and this time, they are trying to spread lies about the Union Pension Bailout being proposed in Congress. Here is the story and the truth.

Lisa Fabrizio at American Spectator writes that the Northeast is sick of Big Government. “Folks outside of the Northeast have long been perplexed by an apparent electoral anomaly; for years, these states that consistently send liberals to Congress have chosen Republicans as their governors. The GOP has held the title in Connecticut since 1995 while New York’s George Pataki reigned for twelve years until the disastrous election of Eliot Spitzer. New Jersey suffered through nearly a decade of financial degradation before electing Chris Christie.” Keep reading.

$500 billion in medicare savings? ALG president Bill Wilson says, “For the Obama Administration to make good on its claims, it must eliminate roughly 83 percent of the current fraud in the Medicare program on an annual basis — and ensure there will be no newly-minted fraud in the ObamaCare program with its purported 34 million new health care recipients.”

BIG SURPRISE…: CBS poll finds that people are dissatisfied and sick of Washington D.C.. “Americans are frustrated with nearly everyone in Washington – including President Obama, Congress, and the Democratic and Republican parties – and have become increasingly pessimistic about what the future holds, according to a new CBS News poll.”

$200 billion spending bill in jeapordy. According to the Daily Caller: “The package of extensions for unemployment insurance, health insurance for those without jobs and a fix to maintain current rates for Medicare payments would add about $134 billion to the deficit. Key senators from both parties said they did not want to do this.” Kill the bill!

Biden jokes that he doesn’t want to pull a “Blumenthal” when he meets with veterans… Here’s the story.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie says the budget freeze worked and that he will not raise taxes. Christie says, “We’re very confident we’ve been able to close the additional budget gap in (fiscal year) 2010 and in (fiscal year) 2011 we’re going to be able to solve that problem without any new taxes at all and without any real significant cuts”. Read the story.

Obama’s War on Women. Rebekah Rast of NetRightDaily.com writes: “The negative impact of Obama’s policies on women’s health care only scrapes the surface when it comes to issues affecting women today. Scott Rasmussen’s latest research shows that women are reevaluating their support for Obama with his approval rating down to 48% and only 28% of this critical electoral group calling themselves ‘strongly favorable.'”

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