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11.29.2010 0

Stop Fred Upton

This week is when the Steering Committee will make their decision on Upton’s future. They will decide if they want to promote a bailout loving, free market hating, light bulb regulating, career politician to serve as Chairman of the very important House Energy & Commerce Committee.

Here is a little bit of background on Upton:

* Upton was one of only 16 GOPers who supported in 2009 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s omnibus spending bill that increased spending 8.4 percent on top of the $787 billion stimulus program.

* Upton was one of nine GOPers who opposed in 2009 an amendment by Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., that would have substituted an array of tax cuts and credits for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid stimulus program.

* Upton was one of 43 GOPers who opposed in 2009 a Republican amendment to cut the Democrats’ stimulus bill by $355 billion.

* Upton was one of 20 GOPers who opposed in 2009 a Republican amendment to cut Environmental Protection Agency funding to its 2008 level.

* Upton was one of 34 GOPers who voted in 2009 for the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act that removed millions of acres of federal lands from energy exploration and production.

* Upton was one of 19 GOPers who voted in 2009 for a Democratic amendment directing the secretary of education to establish an advisory council for “high-performing” green public schools, thus further entrenching environmental radicals in the public education system.

* Upton was one of 29 GOPers who voted for the Democrats’ bill establishing the Santa Cruz National Heritage area along the U.S./Mexican border, which effectively prevents the U.S. Border Patrol from doing its work along the border.

* Upton was one of 26 GOPers who voted in 2009 for significantly increased funding for AmeriCorps.

* Upton voted for the Bush $700 billion Wall Street bailout twice in 2008.

* Upton voted for the Obama revision of the Bush bailout in 2009.

* Upton was one of 40 GOPers who voted in 2009 for the Democrats; doubling of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program’s budget.

* Upton was one of more than 40 GOPers who voted in 2007 and 2008 to override President Bush’s veto of spending increases for SCHIP.

* Upton was one of 35 GOPers who voted in 2008 for Rep. Charlie Rangel’s bill raising taxes on energy companies to provide tax subsidies for renewable energy special interests.

* Upton was one of 26 GOPers who voted in 2007 for federally mandated incandescent light bulbs.

* Upton was one of three GOPers who voted in 2005 against extending the Bush capital gains tax cut.

So it’s time to start contacting the Steering Committee Members. Contact info below:

John Boehner Speaker 202-225-6205
Eric Cantor Republican Leader 202-225-2815
Kevin McCarthy Republican Whip 202-225-2915
Jeb Hensarling Republican Conference Chair 202-225-3484
Tom Price Policy Chair 202-225-4501
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Conference Vice-Chair 202-225-2006
John Carter Conference Secretary 202-225-3864
Pete Sessions NRCC Chairman 202-225-2231
Greg Walden Leadership Chairman 202-225-6730
Tom Cole NRCC Chairman (last Congress) 202-225-6165
Lamar Smith Texas Representative 202-225-4236
Ken Calvert California Representative 202-225-1986
Jeff Miller Florida Representative 202-225-3414
Doc Hastings Region I Representative 202-225-5816
Tom Latham Region II Representative 202-225-5476
John Shimkus Region III Representative 202-225-5271
Mike Rogers Region IV Representative 202-225-4872
Bill Shuster Region V Representative 202-225-2431
Steve LaTourette Region VI Representative 202-225-5731
Hal Rogers Region VII Representative 202-225-4601
Lynn Westmoreland Region VIII Representative 202-225-5901
Bob Goodlatte Region IX Representative 202-225-5431
Cynthia Lummis Small State Representative 202-225-2311
Gregg Harper 111th Class Representative 202-225 5031
Todd Rokita 112th Class Representative 317-268-4964
Joe Heck 112th Class Representative 702-614-5900
Pat Meehan 112th Class Representative 484-454-3203

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