Scandal and insanity at Penn State, Durban and the IPCC

By Paul Driessen In a repeat of Copenhagen, on the eve of the Durban climate change gabfest, someone released another horde of emails from alarmist climate researchers , including Dr. Michael Mann, whose infamous “hockey stick” was headlined in the 2001 IPCC report to justify the Kyoto agreement and […]


GOP Elimination match round 2

By Rebecca DiFede Gingrich, Bachmann, Romney and Santorum survived round one of Americans for Limited Government’s presidential brackets, and now you can vote for your favorite today! It’s down to Gingrich, Bachmann, Romney and Santorum. In the epic battle to win the title of GOP Presidential nominee, these four […]


Ron Paul goes big time

By Adam Bitely — Most recent polls indicate that Ron Paul is in the lead in Iowa. Other polls around the nation indicate a growing level of support. After years of being painted as a kooky Congressman from Texas, it seems that Ron Paul may […]


Top 11 Big Government Busts Of 2011: #3

By Frank McCaffrey — We were told that green jobs would be our saving grace. In 2011, this green jobs company got into trouble. It is now on our top 11 list!


Thou shalt not question UN ‘experts’

By Kelvin Kemm — British Viscount Christopher Monckton of Brenchley parachuted with me into Durban, South Africa, to challenge UN climate crisis claims, attracting numerous journalists and onlookers. A 20-foot banner across our press conference table gave the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow further opportunities […]


Congress Drops the Ball

Cartoon by William Warren — This Christmas themed cartoon was pulled from our archives in the hopes that you will enjoy it again today. NRD Editor’s Note: As always, you may reprint this cartoon anywhere you please, but we ask that you provide a link […]


Top 11 Big Government Busts Of 2011: #4

By Frank McCaffrey — This bi-partisan group of members of the House and Senate were supposed to reduce our deficit. Predictably that couldn’t come up with an idea and, predictably, they make our list of Big Government Busts!


State Legislatures Take on “Judicial Hellholes” that Undermine Business

By Kevin Mooney — Some state legislatures are taking a stand against abusive litigation practices that drive up costs for consumers and discourage business, according to a new report from the American Tort Reform Foundation (ATRF). Even as it identified “judicial hellholes” where judges apply the law against […]


‘Obama’s Economic Humbug’

By Robert Romano — “This is nothing more than Obama’s economic humbug, just in time for the holidays,” remarked Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson in response to the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ downward revision of economic growth in the third quarter. “First at 2.5 percent, then 2 percent, and now revised downward to an anemic 1.8 […]


$40 versus your retirement. Pick one.

By Rebekah Rast — $10 to $40 versus $91 billion. That is what is up for debate in Congress.  Does the payroll tax cut extension, giving people an extra $10 to $20, maybe $40, in their paychecks worth it, all the while knowing this small […]

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