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Republican National Convention Wrap-Up: Day 3

NRD Editor’s Note: Each day, Bill Smith of ARRA News Service, provides us with special reports on what is happening down in Tampa.

Tampa, FL — Bill Smith: on the final day of RNC 2012, delegates awoke knowing that they were going to the “big dance” and their nominee, Mitt Romney, would take the stage and accept the nomination as their presidential candidate. However, they still had the whole day ahead of them to take advantage of special events, meetings, or to rest up from the after convention celebration events.

In talking to delegates during the day, everyone was excited! Some were also wondering about a potential surprise speaker. Many had heard Clint Eastwood was in town. During the convention session, they were not disappointed when actor Clint Eastwood took the stage in the evening.

The 2012 RNC Convention convened at 7 PM for its last session.  The theme of the evening was “We Believe in America.” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus previously shared that the “Program will focus the national spotlight on the many reasons Governor Mitt Romney is uniquely suited to lead us through the challenges our nation faces during this difficult time. Millions of Americans know Mitt Romney as a public man who helped build nationally-known businesses like Staples and Sports Authority, balanced the budget in Massachusetts without tax hikes and rescued the scandal-ridden 2002 Winter Olympics.”

Convention CEO William Harris had said, “Thursday’s program will introduce America to the Mitt Romney his family and close friends know.”  However, this process began with many of the speeches yesterday.

Former Governor Jeb Bush was impressive.  When he finished, dissecting the present state of our America’s k-12 education system, I thought maybe Jeb should be the next Secretary of Education.  Must have had “Bush” fever.

When Clint Eastwood came to the stage, the delegates and guests went wild. Newsday’s Lane Filler summed up the event as follows: “Eastwood first talked about the emotions of the nation when President Obama was elected, then launched into a diatribe against the president that featured a faux conversation with an empty chair.  “Eastwood attacked the idea that lawyers should be president, implied that his invisible Obama told him to say something incredibly offensive to Romney, and bashed the way the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been conducted before concluding that might be time to have a businessman president. He then lead the crowd in a participatory version of his signature phrase, ‘go ahead, make my day.’

Sen. Marco Rubio as the prime time speaker introduced Mitt Romney. He he did well.

As the final speaker, Mitt Romney accepted the nomination and laid out reasons why President Obama should not have another four years. He addressed the feeling and emotions of the American people over the loss of jobs, the bad economy, the loss of freedoms, and how America is by far worse off than when Mr. Obama took office. He laid out his plan and experience to accomplish that plan. Mitt Romney evidenced he loves America, sees America as an exceptional Nation worth preserving for future generations. Romney speech / video will be posted later at the ARRA News Service.

Then there were the cheers and falling Balloons! The benediction followed by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York,  and the RNC 2012 Convention was graveled closed sine die.  Delegates and their guests then began an evening of celebration.

Bill Smith is the Editor of ARRA News Service and is a guest contributor to NetRightDaily.com.

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