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Czarina Hillary wants cash from the peasants

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By Rick Manning — What would you say to a couple which has a combined wealth of around $100 million who begged you to help them repay a $73,000 debt?

I know what I’d say, and it wouldn’t be yes.

In the latest audacity to come out of Washington, D.C. that is exactly what donors are being asked to do, pay off Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign debt.

Not content with being the driving force behind our current White House occupant and his push to engage in an historic wallet raid, the Clinton’s are wasting no time ginning up the donor machine to cover Hill’s failed campaign’s expenses, and put the rest aside for a little rainy day fund in case she might need it in a few years.

Of course, only in entitlement America would a couple who made their riches in politics think it is absolutely normal for them to ask people on social security to cover their debts.  After all they’ve done for the country, it is the least the unwashed masses should do.

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Rick Manning is the Communications Director of Americans for Limited Government.

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