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Socialist government in Venezuela leaves 70 percent without power

ALG Editor’s Note: This is socialism.  This is what continuing with Obama’s policies will do the United States.  The Obama War on Coal, on all productive enterprise, will lead to scenes like this throughout America if we are not careful. In the following featured report from the BBC, poor upkeep of the power grid by the socialist government in Venezuela has left 70 percent of Venezuela without power:


Power cut leaves most of Venezuela without electricity

powerlessA power cut has left 70 percent of Venezuela without electricity, including parts of the capital Caracas.

The blackout disabled traffic lights in the city, causing traffic chaos. It also partially disrupted the underground transport system.

Thousands of workers were sent home. Power was slowly being restored in different areas after the cuts.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the opposition for “sabotage” to power transmission lines.

President Maduro did not give any evidence of the “sabotage” but said he had instructed the military “to protect the entire country”.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said the government was trying to divert public attention from the country’s problems by concocting the conspiracy theory.

Deputy Electrical Energy Minister Franco Silva said a fault had occurred in one of the national grid’s main transmission lines at 12:30 local time (17:00GMT).

The opposition says the government of Mr Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, may have spent billions of dollars on programmes to garner votes from the poor but has failed to invest in the upkeep and expansion of the electrical grid to meet growing demand.

Although Venezuela has big oil reserves, it is dependent on hydro-electricity for some 70% of its power.

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