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Obama’s Bad Science gone berserk


By Rick Manning

“Bad science gone berserk,” is how Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman characterized a just released White House report on global warming.

The 800 plus page report is just one more act of violence against science perpetrated under the guise of saving the planet from some imagined future ills, with the full intent of scaring the American people into supporting emergency action.

Canada’s Globe and Mail reports that the environmentalist scare campaign is already so intense that child psychologists are seeing it effect children’s mental health with, “an escalation in the anxiety levels of today’s youth, who are constantly exposed to doomsday talk about the destruction of our planet. But despite the fact that we live in a world with more volatility and fear, experts say there is hope. And to stay mentally strong, they all advocate not just calling for change, but acting for it.”

Note the second half of that statement, after being scared to a point of noticeable anxiety about the state of Mother Nature these kids are being encouraged to become community activists for the environment to alleviate that stress.

Rather than reassuring kids that the earth’s temperature has remained static for almost 17 years (as long as most of them have been alive), the mental health professionals urge those who are indoctrinated enough to lose sleep over the issue, to fight their neurosis through politics.

These same kids could be shown that Antarctica’s ice extant continues to astound with record levels of ice, but that would only serve to alleviate their fears, healing their condition.  No, instead these kids need to go to become good little green organizers and voters.

In the 1950s and 60s, kids got the opportunity to engage in duck and cover drills in schools  where they were trained to tuck themselves under their desks in the event of nuclear war.  This presumably shielded them from falling objects, but also ingrained a strong sense of insecurity.

Today, we have our schools happily scaring the heck out of children equating every hurricane, drought, tornado or heat wave to man-made global warming.

The White House climate report simply escalates this drumbeat.

Never worried about facts, the report comes to its dire predictions in spite of the inconvenient truth that the Midwest United States, known as tornado alley, had record low numbers of tornados this year, and despite predictions hurricane activity was limited as well.  The exact kind of extreme weather events that the Obama climate report declares are on the upswing.

Apparently, to Obama, when there is record cold outside, it is considered to be just normal day to day weather, but when it is hot, it is a crisis that needs to be met.

While the standard winter joke of wishing for some global warming always causes a chuckle, it is true for both sides of the debate that one day, season or year should not define whether global warming is a crisis, let alone whether it is caused by human activity.  One or two years of growing polar ice is not definitive proof, and neither is a drought in Texas.

Yet, in spite of this obvious point, the White House has launched this next scare campaign ignoring that the planet hasn’t warmed for the entire lifetime of the average high school senior based around this very anecdotal premise.  Significantly, the earth has actually stopped warming for almost as long as it was warming, creating quite conundrum for those who honestly study the issue.

The entire White House campaign, complete with shiny new report, is designed to justify independent Presidential regulatory action that transforms America economically through the destruction of a reliable electric utility grid.  The environmental agenda being promoted by Obama is nothing less than an ambitious attack on the energy backbone that has driven American prosperity since the industrial revolution.

And that is how you use “bad science gone berserk” to achieve a radical agenda that has been routinely rejected by the legislative branch.

Rick Manning is vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government

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