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President Trump should issue the Buy American executive order to end China’s control of our medicines

By Bill Wilson

With all we are facing today, with all the fear and outright transformation of our entire society, it might seem odd that a group of medical organizations would sign a letter opposing American independence in the production of medicines and medical equipment.  You would think that in the crisis these groups would want to see America move toward a strong, independent position.  But you would be wrong.

The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), a trade association for large pharmaceutical manufacturers is pushing a letter opposing an executive order proposed by President Donald Trump that would reduce or eliminate regulations that have raised the cost of manufacturing medical compounds and equipment in the United States.  His goal is to end American dependence on China for the medicines we need.

The big international corporations, of course, say the order will make it difficult for them to supply antibiotics and equipment needed now to fight the Chinese coronavirus.  Their stated reason for opposing the President is that they want to “do their part” in fighting the scourge.  But there is likely a far more sinister reason for this action.

The Chinese Communists will do just about anything to keep their stranglehold on the supply of medicines, the components to make medicines and medical equipment, This is about power — the power of the Chinese Communists to dictate terms to America and Europe.  And they are delivering this message through the serpentine voices of major corporations.

So far, the letter being circulated by the pharmaceutical giants has 40 signatures, mostly from associations funded by the pharmaceutical firms themselves   In all fairness, most of these groups need the funding from the corporations so it is no surprise that they are doing as they are told.  And, as would be expected, there are a handful of so-called “conservative” groups reciting their “free trade” mantra.  They, sadly, are so blinded by their failed religion of globalism that they cannot see the threat to America their position holds.

In this small example at a time of national crisis, we can see two facts of life that we all must recognize and address.  First, Lenin was right, the capitalist will sell the rope with which they will be hung.  China barks and the largest drug companies in the world back down and crawl in their service.  The lust for profits even at the price of severe damage to the United States and the American people is the hallmark of major international corporations.

Secondly, the orthodoxy of open borders, open trade and global supply chains has shown itself to be toxic.  Millions of working families knew this and have suffered from the actions of both political parties for decades.  Tens of thousands of small communities and towns have known the lethal impact of this globalist religion for a long time, as their communities wither and die.  But now everyone can see the impact.  95 percent of the components of the most widely used antibiotics are made in China.  Medical equipment is now made in China.  And, when we need them, we have to depend on the good will of a society that kills its own people, operates slave labor camps and practices genocide on a world class level.

The move by President Trump to begin to bring the production of medicine and medical equipment back to the United States is the only honorable and right thing that could be done.  For those corporations now under the golden thumb of China to oppose this basic movement toward American sovereignty is tantamount to a renunciation of their U.S. citizenship.  They now side with the rulers of a foreign, hostile regime over that of the people of the United States.  Going forward, they should be treated as foreign agents, because that is what they are.

And for the groups who call themselves conservative and toe the globalist line, the sad truth is that none of them have had any impact for a very long time.  They are the epitome of Conservative, Inc., existing merely to exist, not to achieve any goal that might conserve the best of America.

What we are viewing is a continuation of a war inside the Republican Party that is now 125 years old.  In the election of 1896, William McKinley ran on the platform that had rebuilt America after the Civil War and turned the nation into the industrial powerhouse it was to be up to this day.  The platform was simple: Sound Money and Protection.

The formula is exactly what we need today, protection of American industry, jobs and communities.  Protection that is not the overblown caricature of the globalists but rather a protection that seeks to have the full costs to outsourcing realized and taken into account.  As for sound money, that is long overdue.  The fiat regime of the central bank zealots is coming to a crushing end.  There is no amount of printing that can save us from the wrath of true economics.

We can expect more pushback to efforts by President Trump and the growing legion of elected officials that see the damage done by the globalist agenda.  But understanding that these pathetic attacks are simply the end result of dictates from Beijing renders them inert.  They have no meaning or bearing.  The march to restore America, to return basic industries to our shores, to rebuild tens of thousands of communities will continue.  The tide of history cannot be ordered to not come in.

Bill Wilson is the President of the Market Research Foundation and a former board member and former President of Americans for Limited Government. 

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