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A dream come true becomes nightmarish in D.C.

By Rick Manning

Alice Johnson had just received a pardon from the President of the United States on Thursday, April 27 and was attending the President’s acceptance speech for the Republican Party nomination.  Ms. Johnson had played a part in the convention as she told her story of incarceration and subsequent freedom due the actions of President Donald Trump.

Then, like many others including this author, she found herself in a maelstrom as she left the White House grounds, and into the Antifa mob.

Johnson had survived in prison for twenty-two years, yet according to her reported comments on a social media account she was assaulted just outside the White House by Antifa thugs and had to fight through the mob using her high heels as a weapon.

Her story mirrors Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) and so many others who left the White House that evening. Personally, I witnessed a high-profile member of Congress talking on his mobile phone to someone outside trying to figure out a safe way home.  Friends ended up walking the streets of D.C. for hours trying to get to their hotel which was a block from the White House gate they exited.

As for me, I needed to go to that same hotel to get to my car to drive home. Some friends grabbed me and told me to get on the bus to the Trump hotel, about six blocks from the hotel I needed to get to.  Even though I did not have the necessary credentials, they got me on the bus as we had heard that once you left the White House it was every person for themselves, and after a forty minute ride, we finally arrived.

A few minutes after arrival, I left the front doors of the Trump Hotel with the intent of walking back to my original destination, only to be told by law enforcement that while they could not stop me, personally, they would not make the walk. The same admonition was given on two later occasions, until at 3 a.m., it was deemed safe to head out.

The stark difference between the hope and vision of unity, prosperity and being a better America, a once-again great America experienced on the White House grounds and the dark threats to peace by the rioting anarchists could not be missed.

Civilized people should agree that violence is unacceptable and that burning and looting people’s businesses and homes criminal, yet, the Democratic Party convention was silent on the burning cities, brutal attacks on innocent people and lawlessness on the streets just a week ago.

Early on, we were told that “silence is consent”, by many of the same Democrats who continue to remain silent in the face of revolution on the streets in cities run by Democrats in states governed by Democrats.

The intent of these rioters is to intimidate America into submitting the way that so many multi-national corporations bowed to their demands in giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the communist Black Lives Matter organization.

America will not be intimidated.  America will show up in mass numbers at the polls and vote against those who choose riots, mayhem and destruction.

My good friend, and co-author of Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump inflames the culture war, and why this is good for America, Star Parker, was also temporarily trapped by the protesters, described the scene as a “war zone.”

“They are showing America who they are. Our job is to let the country see them for who they are,” Parker told me afterwards. “I say, let them keep it up. Let those videos get out. We’ve won the suburbs,” Parker added. “These people are out of control. They are full of rage.”

I don’t necessarily agree with Star’s assessment that “we’ve won the suburbs” because nothing is won until those who encourage and fund the communist brownshirts are thrown from office and the funding streams are ripped out by the roots.

It doesn’t matter if it is through a RICO case brought by the Department of Justice which treats the insurrection network to the same rough treatment the mafia gets, or if it is through the use of the Insurrection Act to put troops on the streets to make mass arrests of those who ceased to be “peaceful protesters” months ago.

Nov. 3 is the most important date in modern American history.  It is the date on which our nation decides if we are going to be governed by the rule of law, or by the mob in the street.  If it is the mob in the street which they choose, our nation could enter into a second civil war.  A war which will render America unrecognizable.

The left has made it clear that if you don’t share their values, you are a target.  Election day, Nov. 3 is the date when they must be so overwhelmingly rejected that all the harvested ballots in the world cannot save them from electoral destruction.

Alice Johnson walked out of the White House a truly free woman and into the depths of hell fighting to get a few short blocks to her hotel.  This is not America, but your action over the next two months to get your friends, neighbors and others to vote for Donald Trump and against these mobs will determine whether or not this becomes America.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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