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02.24.2021 0

Biden dismisses reports of genocide. How much will he cave to China?

By Frank McCaffrey

An entire group of people in China, the Uyghur population of Turkish descent is experiencing mass internment in re-educational labor camps. This is a common tactic in Communist China.

Justin Yu, a Chinese dissident with the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association said,  “The Chinese government has established so many education no camp education camp training camp, a job training camp. Actually, it is detaining most of the able body of the people.’

There are even reports of systemic rape and torture against the group. The Uyghurs are not able to practice their faith freely.

“They are going to eliminate the whole religious belief of a whole generation by those concentration education and trade job training camp,” Yu explained.

How is Joe Biden handling it? As of now, he is largely dismissive of reports of a Uyghur genocide. When asked about it in a recent CNN town hall, he said, “Culturally, there are different norms in each country. and they, their leaders are expected to follow.”

And with that the Uyghur not only lose the U.S.’s attention, they’ve already lost the attention of others.

“Turkey used to be the strong supporter of for those people because they have the blood and have been interrelated. and the religion has been the same. However, because of strong influence of governments to Turkish and Turkey now totally give up those people. I think that very unfortunately, and for Turkey, taking that position because Chinese communists – are influenced by the political influence and the money influence.”

It makes one wonder how much the U.S. will cave to China’s influence?

Frank McCaffrey is Director of Americans for Limited Government News and a contributing editor to the Daily Torch.

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