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Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Cuomo’s expiration date is up!

This is a transfer of power between Old Guard New Yorkers and the AOC Wing of the Party

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is heard each Wednesday at 9 am ET on 500 stations across the country on the Bill Martinez Radio Show, part of the USA Radio Network. This week, Rick and Bill talked about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual allegations scandal.

“The biggest problem for Cuomo is that he is past his expiration date,” said Manning. “The Democrats found him useful as a foil to Trump over the past four years. But he is no longer useful to them and a lot of Democrats in New York want to be governor. First of all the attorney general of New York, Letitia James wants that job. This is not a politically neutral report. This is the precursor to a primary campaign.

“This is the AOC wing of the Democrat party taking down Gov. Cuomo and the Cuomo machine. This is a massive attempt to transfer power and has very little to do with what is in the report.

“I know that to be true because when Joe Biden comes out and says Cuomo should resign, and Cuomo has a credible rape charge against him, you know this isn’t about real outrage, this is about political transfer of power.

“I don’t believe Cuomo will resign, nor do I think the legislature will impeach him.

“I think there will be a deal cut in which Cuomo doesn’t run for a fourth term and Letitia James gets a wide open path to the governorship.

Bill Martinez wondered who is backing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to oust Cuomo from power.

Manning said she is fully funded by the George Soros machine and he is making all this happen. “AOC is just the face of the socialist movement,” Manning added.

Listen to the full interview below:


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