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Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: It’s time to consider removing this president

We love America and we want what’s best for our country. Removing a president is extremely painful. At some point, you come to the conclusion that the damage that the person is doing is worse than the damage of removing him.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is a weekly guest on the nationally syndicated Bill Martinez Radio Show. Rick can be heard nationally at 9 am ET each Wednesday. Click here to find an affiliate station.

This week Rick and Bill talked about the Afghanistan debacle.

Bill Martinez:  People are upset, and they should be. The security of our country is it’s the worst it’s ever been. We are so vulnerable with the actions of this president, who should be fired for incompetence for what he has done and leaving us so vulnerable with what’s happening in Afghanistan. Also, with what’s going on at our southern border. Danger is imminent.

Rick Manning: These Afghan interpreters worked alongside American in country. Their families were put in risk the entire time. And yet the State Department couldn’t or wouldn’t issue them visas rapidly enough when we knew this was going to happen.  In some cases, peoples were waiting for a year or more to get visas out of there and now they are stuck and left behind. And that’s on top of the 10,000 Americans who are essentially hostages.  Biden’s policies are a disaster. We couldn’t get visas for these interpreters who helped us in no war, but we allowed more than 200,000 illegal aliens that come across the border with no visa whatsoever. And that was just in July! Twenty percent of them are infected with Covid.

Bill Martinez: I don’t envision it getting better under this administration. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates from the Bush and Obama administrations told us that Biden hadn’t gotten a single foreign policy decision right in 40 years. But somehow, he’s regarded as a foreign policy expert.

Richard Manning:  There was a way out of Afghanistan. What President Trump had negotiated would have ensured that no Americans were left behind. We should have stayed at Bagram Air Base to make certain we have a base of operations. And threatened that Taliban if they make one false move, we blow you to smithereens.  We have a real catastrophe here. Every place in the world that was warm, is now hot and every place in the world that was hot, is now on fire.

Bill Martinez: If you live in, you’re saying, “Right now would be a good time to take Taiwan.”

Richard Manning: Exactly right. Why not? The world is safe when America is strong because the rest of the world depends on America to protect open sea lanes to ensure free commerce can happen. The rest of the world depends on America to be the stabilizing force against those who will have anarchy and oppressive regimes. Right now, America is weak because we have a president who is incapable of rational thought. The rest of the world knows that American can’t be depended on because we are doing erratic things and it is very dangerous to world peace and stability.

Bill Martinez:  We are telling the world that we will abandon our friends. Most of America realizes Biden is really in charge. People want to know who’s running the country?  When can we start referring to him as the former president and give him an exit?  But that might be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Because then we’d have Kamala Harris in the White House.

Richard Manning: Right. I think everybody understands us. We love America and we want what’s best for America. Removing a president is extremely painful. At some point, you come to the conclusion that the damage that the person is doing is worse than the damage of removing him.

Bill Martinez: But Democrats don’t want to remove him because it puts at risk their socialist agenda for transforming the country.

Richard Manning: Yes, but we have almost a patriotic responsibility to have that guy removed, but not through a frontal assault. The Taliban is demanded that all Americans be out of country by September 11 and they’re going to have a big victory celebration on the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers. The generals, the Secretary of Defense, the CIA director, the Secretary of State Antony Blinken all must be held accountable for this failure.

Bill Martinez: Removing the military from Afghanistan before getting our civilians out made no sense.

Richard Manning: It’s even worse than that, we shut down Bagram Air Base a month ago, which is the place we could have used to make massive withdrawals. Now we have people trapped in an airport with no way in or out. It’s a, it’s a deathtrap. We have no support. We have nothing. We are surrounded by the enemy. And always, this is the Alamo times 100.

Bill Martinez: And what about our military equipment we’ve left behind? Trump said that he had every intention of removing all of it from Afghanistan.  No wonder China immediately acknowledged the Taliban as their new best pals. They want access to all that military equipment.

Rick Manning: That’s exactly what’s happening right now. This is where the military failure came in. The decision to give it back the Air Force Base. By the way, about most violent terrorists who are captured during the War on Terrorism have all been released. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Yet we all saw a president this week stare blankly into the camera and essentially tell us to pay no attention to what we’re seeing on the ground in Afghanistan. This is completely unacceptable.  We need to demand that President Biden fire the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. If that were to happen, the general would start sharing his story with the New York Times and Washington Post and that would totally undermined Biden. In the short term, that would be really bad for the country, but if it could lead to a change in leadership, it’s what would ultimately be best for the country.

Bill Martinez: We really need to shake up the Democratic leadership because even Speaker Pelosi was learning the praises of this President and his actions in Afghanistan.

Richard Manning: Americans in trouble. The only thing I can see for us to do is to try remove those at the top who have enabled the trouble. At some point, it may mean invoking the 25th Amendment. That would mean Kamala Harris gets installed as president. No one wants that. But what we have right now simply can’t stand.

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