Cartoon: What’s In Your Tank?


Stop left-wing groups from fleecing taxpayers with the Endangered Species Act

By Richard McCarty The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been stretched far beyond the intentions of Congressional representatives, and it is badly in need of reform. For example, loopholes in the law allow left-wing environmental groups to collect taxpayers’ money for keeping federal employees from doing their […]


Venezuela, China and Russia — Oh My

By Rick Manning The world is a complicated place. Most people don’t associate the devastation of the Venezuela by communist leader Nicolas Maduro with China, yet Venezuelan oil lies at the heart of China’s interests and as a result, they have been propping up the murderous South […]


Trump administration steps in to reform Endangered Species Act regs, but more work remains to be done to fix it

By Richard McCarty Earlier this week, the Trump Administration announced some small changes to Endangered Species Act (ESA) regulations , which should limit the law’s negative impact on the economy. For example, the Administration is raising the standard for designating areas as critical habitat that are not currently […]


Cartoon: Wrong Track


Dear Congress, stop subsidizing wind like it’s 1999 and let the tax credit expire

By Richard McCarty Congress created the production tax credit for wind energy in 1992. In other words, wind turbine owners receive a tax credit for each kilowatt hour of electricity their turbines create, whether the electricity is needed or not. The production tax credit was supposed to […]


EPA repeal of Clean Power Plan a step in the right direction, but carbon endangerment finding remains in place

By Robert Romano The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Donald Trump has finally rescinded the Obama era Clean Power Plan that sought to end coal as a form of electricity and puts states in the driver’s seat in terms of regulating carbon emissions rates. But because Congress has left […]


Cartoon: Glacial Denial


Cartoon: Same Old Bird


President Trump’s policies are helping restore American energy dominance

By Rick Manning President Trump’s determination to end damaging regulations on energy production has unleashed American innovators to remake the world’s energy markets as the United States is now a net energy exporter.  Private companies and individuals freed up to focus on getting oil, natural gas and […]

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