ALG on Chosen Generation Radio Show: Facebook doesn’t care about you, they are all about the $$

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins Pastor Greg Young each week to talk about the news of the day from a Biblical perspective. This week Pastor Greg shared that Facebook took down a faith promoting video he had posted to a Christian church in India. […]


ALG in Deseret News: Political investing turning corporate America woke

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is featured this week in the Salt Lake City Deseret News, Big business is seeing what happens when ‘woke corporations’ meet ‘cancel culture.’ Political investing has further incentivized companies to bend to social pressure, said Richard Manning, president of the conservative Americans for Limited Government. Companies hoping to meet certain criteria for […]


Why Does Cancel Culture Only Work on Republicans?

We have a judge and jury consisting of the lying national media and self-interested politicians on the left. When the game is rigged, the only option is to play it the way they’ve laid it out. By Brett Kimball With cancel culture running rampant and […]


Cancel Culture Hits Home as Conservatives Marginalized in Affordable Housing

Conservatives and liberals used to agree to disagree and remember above all else that they share a common, American heritage. This is not true anymore. Many liberals are refusing to rent to conservatives and even evicting them after discovering their political leaning. By David Potter […]


Cancel Culture Goes After NFL Prospect for anti-Obama Costume He Wore in Middle School

“Americans need to meet these intolerant speech bullies with an equal determination to punish entertainers and their owners who hate America forcing them to recognize that their job is to play ball, not politics.” By Rick Manning Top NFL prospect and former Alabama quarterback Mac Jones has come under fire just […]


The Youth Perspective on Woke Corporate America

“We shouldn’t stoop to the level of these woke liberal activists who will cancel you for a wrong thought. But when a business makes the choice to alienate a large portion of their customer base, customers absolutely have a right and a responsibility to respond […]


The Rise of Woke Companies and How Conservatives Can and Must Fight Back

“The Woke Mob is running amok. We’ve got to push back in large numbers, and constantly.” By ALG News As more American companies cave to the Woke Mob, many conservatives are wondering how to make sense of it all and how to have our voices […]


Eliminating filibuster could unleash a ‘scorched earth policy’ which arguably could help conservatives

Sen. McConnell offered up his policy wish list should Democrats eliminate the filibuster rule, and Republicans regain the majority. ALG has its own legislative wish list under such a scenario. By Catherine Mortensen Just weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency, it is clear that he faces considerable obstacles […]

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